To the comment of never used the product & had trouble w/bank & luminous air's, C.Service. There's a way to avoid credit card scamming of this nature.

If anyone needs the info let me know, It happened to me on another bogus product deal. They have many offers of same/Different sales, there was one issue they weren't counting on w/me. The banks already know about these scams but won't tell us ahead of time nor do they care. I say if the bank/s won't help, change accounts & hopefully find a bank that will not give our money away to just anyone!

If even that exist?

I believe!!!! Dead

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Customer Care.

Reason of review: Won't order from hidden cost.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Luminess Air Cons: Integrity of the company, I want the product but not lies of cost.

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I am having a HELLISH experience with this company as well. I actually just posted a letter on a different site but when the letter went up it was garbled, and although it was clearly written and edited it went up with numerous mistakes and omissions (crazy - but this company can't seem to get anything right).

I look like an unprofessional illiterate fool (and I'm a professional writer) but once it's posted they do not allow you to remove or edit it. Convenient. This company can't do anything right. I would like to make contact with you (and all others on here posting their rip off stories).

I don't feel like writing the whole insane, bizarre ripoff story here again but after receiving the product I NEVER used it, checked off the list, got the RA, resealed the box and returned it exactly as it was received and well before the 30 days. Besides the advertising stating the intro was 19.99 I was billed over $450. When they received the return (I placed calls to my credit card and luminess) I was then charged 145.88. I called Luminess and my credit card company.

My CC company said they would address it but I called them myself and they said "don't worry, it was a mistake, you will be refunded your money". I then also received a letter from my credit card company stating that the matter was resolved as well. Well, on my next statement I was billed the145.88 AGAIN. My credit card company has abandoned the argument and is charging me.

When I called luminess to find out what happened and refute the charge again they said something crazy like I have to contact my bank (?). My bank has NOTHING to do with this - yet - I have not paid my credit card the money yet! So - trying to get me off the phone he said he would send me an email with instructions of what I have to do to get my refund from "the bank". Giving up as the argument was futile I opened my email and as I started to peruse it, it actually disappeared - POOF - right off my computer screen.

I think we all have to band together - seriously - and form a social media campaign, YouTube videos, anything we can all do as a group as it appears they are lying and robbing each and every one of us, obviously on a daily basis because all the letters I see here were posted today. They now seem to have my phone number blocked to prevent taking my calls. I say you, I and everyone on here share our stories, complaints and take action.

One, in the hope that we are remunerated, secondly, to warn the hundreds of women who will fall prey to this ripoff company daily and spare them all the trouble and expense we are all enduring (and - better - cut off luminess's false advertising campaign from creating any more victims.) Power in numbers. If no one else will help us, lets make a LOT OF NOISE together.


I bought this as a gift to my wife and I am regretting the day I purchased it. After serving my country well for 21 years it seems this company is not serving the public well.

Constant charges that were not presented upfront when sold and the sending of product without your approval and charge accruing within several days. I bank with USAA and they stated I can dispute the charges once they have paid the bill.

It's a tragedy that we have companies stealing from consumers just because they can. Its time to get lawyers involved to stop the predatory action of this company.


I had the same experience. These people are Scammers!!!! And something needs to be done about them!

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