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Firstly, my due date for my$44.95 payment is on July 10th. It's July 6th.

Emailed since I couldn't get a rep when I saw this, and also want to cancel the "makeup club" membership that allowed for no option to opt out of. I just WANT THE MACHINE and use Art of Air Foundation.

Even though my info id's 100% correct on my account after checking (and why wouldn't it be if that's the card and address that the down payment came from?!?) they charge $20 to my account on top accusing me off not making my first payment, that it was declined (again, card on file!!) and teacher$20 for the supposedly late declined payment (again, it's four days from now, plus I have texts to back up ANY transactions and declines, and again his can a payment be late starting pin the 3rd which is when I checked (I have the money, but like to know when I'll get hit with a charge as well as keep a ledger/proof) and since my order was placed on June 8th, charged that day then processed on the 9th (have my texts which are more accurate having exact time and date, bank acct. statements online just have day processed and histories of when original charges went thru go away) and shipped out on the 10th.

And yes, due date is the 10th which makes sense...just also be warned the"trial"starts the DAY OUT IS SHIPPED" and I had to request expensive shipping so out would not take two weeks (making the so-called 30 day trial aground 15, minus the fact the machine had to be returned in that timeframe or you are SOL plus book matter what you get search money back, actually you owe 25% of the total makeup and machine cost for "restocking"

It's nice the website states my due dates for the next three months (which I had estimated after once again no email reply about my payment schedule). You can find this and more on the website.

However, I'm not paying a late charge plus another payment if this isn't resolved (the late free for a supposed decline that never happened plus proof I won't be sent makeup or charged for it...already emailed but the reply was to call but no one answered any off the times but one and hung up saying "are you there" and claimed I couldn't be heard even though I have great reception, and HD calling plus the person was getting pissy with his or her thick accent which was hard to comprehend and I was nice, but the egghead couldn't understand my issue!!

If the bogus charge plus the makeup club that I requested cancelled is done, great.

But until then, what I will do is turn off my debit card (cool feature) and keep it off till I order another one. They can do what they want.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Deal.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $88.

Preferred solution: Waive payment of late charge because it's unwarranted, vibe extra month to make payment arrangement because I WAS charged but it didn't showanything except down payment.

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They pulled the same bull with me and when I contacted PayPal Prepaid, PayPal actually refunded the charges over and beyond the initial $19.99, shut my card off immediately and sent me a new one right away. In the future I'll only use one of those throw-away cards (like Vanilla Visa) that you load for a certain amount just one time.

That way I can avoid all this stress.

It just so happened that it was the end of the month when Luminess charged my account $44 without my knowledge or consent and really left me in a bind and another reputable company that was on auto-pay didn't get paid so I missed my monthly shipment of cleaning supplies. (grove dot com) I hope everyone who had trouble with this company will file complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

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