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First off this is complete junk makeup. The machine sprayed clumps of that *** liquid on my face then the “well” you put the liquid in is not made well and this liquid got all over my clothes and rug.

It ruined them. It doesn’t wash out. I don’t know what this is made of that a simple washing machine can not get it out. I also had to cancel my card because they refuse to stop trying to charge my card.

Now they want me to ship this *** back on my expense which they have said is my responsibility. I had to cancel my card, throw my clothes and rug away, pay out of my pocket to ship this back. FYI Do any and all correspondence with this company via email!! That way you have proof of their response and they can’t hang up or keep transferring you through email.

DO NOT ORDER THIS JUNK! It’s a scam!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Susan A

They are pulling the same *** with me saying if I charge back through my bank which I did they will put me in collections, I said go ahead I an posting my experience on any site I can and called the FTC and filed a complaint. They want you to pay to ship it back - really!

They don't tell you it is a club really - and it go on my clothes and stained them as well. Wow wish the tv stations would pull their ads it is such a scame

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