Eugene, Oregon

This company ripp off people who are trying to find solution to a healthy beauty face. But Instead, we come to a scam ripped off business that lie to their loyal customers.

They should be ashamed for ruining people’s life. I was calling their customer service and cancel my membership which I found out later that my account still active and continue deduct money from my account which lead to a insufficient fund in my account. I was very frustrated and called them back which I found out that my product never been cancel. Receptionist told me it’s not show on their system that my account has been cancel.

And she said she’s going to cancel my membership and if I receive my make up kit, I go to post office, send back kit in an envelop with the tracking. I just did sent the kit and have my tracking number. Now, I need to contact them to provide them with my tracking number and hopefully I will get my reimbursement/refund back to me.

They ripped me off enough. I would never recommend anyone to order this product it’s not worth your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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do what I am going to do, I am going to change my card I used to buy it, see if they get any more $ from me...ha jokes on them a holes!!!! really not sure how they can even legally get away with it. Is there some type of petition we can have people sign to get our $ back or something?


Did me the exact same way! Led to insufficient funds in my account.

I sent my machine back over a month ago and have called them about 5 times since I recieved the machine to cancel, everytime they said they cancelled it but yet there was no ey taken from my account today!

I I have sent all their horrible products including the machine back but they continue to take $ out of my account whenever they feel like it! This is pretty much robbery when they can take $ from my account whenever they want to and I have nothing in return for it because I don't want anything they have to offer because their products are awful!