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Iam a former Sales agent and one of the products i did sell is Luminess air cosmetics. So to get right to it the $19.99 is a TRIAL price, you are paying to try the product for 30 days and after taxes it rounds up to about $26.80 JUST TO TRY THE PRODUCT.

Then once your 30 day trial period expires you are going to have a payments of either $40.00-50.00 for the next 4-5 months, ONTOP of a foundation charge of roughly 30.00 every month, you receive two bottle of foundation every OTHER month. If it sounds confusing its because it is and is ment to be. Although it is water based makeup and it is supposed to give a luxurious coverage, i sold the product and im not even truly sure how it looks or feels as to i was allowed to test a lil bit on my hand to say "of course i use Luminess" to customers on the phone. If you bought luminess and would like to return please know that you are not going to get that trial price money back, you can only return luminess within 30 days once that expires it becomes a permanent sale.

When i worked as a sales agent i hated selling the product because it was an overall scam, the skin shades are NOT going to fit every color not even close. Beware of what you are looking into if you have the money and think the product would be worth it , than get it but iam not sure how good the quality of the makeup is and i worked for the company .

BTW DO NOT TRY AND CALL TO ORDER LUMINESS as to the sales agents will upsell you intill you cant take it anymore and then at the end try to tie you into club where you can get "coupons" which trust me is a total scam. I hope this helps all who are/were looking to buy Luminess

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Free Trial.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Luminess Air Cons: Whole scam of the infomercial.

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Awesome review


I know someone who sells this system, they are pushing the "try it". I looked at the fine print and immediately realized this is not all they make it look to be.

First, when I see the words "just 3 payments of $39.99" I immediately run the other way.

Those schemes are never good. The problem is there are too many people out there that fall hook, line, and sinker for these schemes.


Thanks for the truth


I don't even know how to use this *** I use it and I looked if I was dead...they send me DVD to learn how to use the product.the DVD does not work. Also they never send me the right color which is beige.






thank you all for your reviews.... they help to make an informed decision. I will NOT be purchasing this product.


Me either!!


This really helps me ... I thought it was me and now I'm happy to know it's NOT..they should be ashamed if themselves for destroying people's lives..I'm an elder and don't appreciate being used...we have enough problems..I've already been used with 2payments coming out at the same time and being on a fixed income it overdrew my account til next month and I'm hurting cause I didn't even know about the 1st payment let alone 2..thank you will let everyone know the results..


This is despicable. I'm so relieved that I read these reviews prior to purchasing this product.


This company should be shut down immediately! So many bad experiences, complaints, reviews, monetary losses, etc all over the internet but they are still active and still deceive unsuspecting people like myself!

They never accept a 'no' after the trial period. The product itself is useless. Your face have to be literally like porcelain slate to be able to use this foundation. It makes all your wrinkles and imperfections stand out instead of hiding them because of the design error.

I cannot believe I did not see it. Their tv commercial has nothing to do with actual results.

In addition, they will rip you off even if you return their product. JUST AVOID FROM LUMINESS AIR!


I cancelled my credit card. They keep sending me emails that I owe them money.

I did read the terms and it didn’t say anything about continuing with payments. I also just got a letter that they will report me and damage my credit score.

I’m reporting them to the BBB. Any other help is greatly appreciated!


Did they actually put a negative mark on your credit? I just got the same notice so I’m hoping it’s a bluff

Melanie E

Unsure if they do, but EVEN IF they do, you are allowed to dispute the charges and list your side of the story on your credit report. You definitely should!


I don't wear makeup anymore, I believe in all natural, cause when they wake up next to you they see the real you , not the fake you.


Thanks for the information. I will not be wasting my money on this product


Why should you have to lie, Luminess is a great product, some people may like it and other may not, Luminess has been around for a long time, people can make there own choices.


Yes, people can make their own choices BUT when the choice is based on double talk and misleading information then it's truly not their choice. This product has MANY more poor reviews than good ones and they all have the same scam type experience.


No luminess is not a great product....the bottles consistantly break at the tip and if not standing straight up leak all over the place. Its almost like they start disintegrate after they are opened. I have never had make up bottles just leak like that....very cheap.


You must be brainwashed and work for the scamming company. The company is unethical and should be prosecuted for stealing customers money.


Thank you so much for this honest and detailed review.