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The price seemed reasonable and the reviews were great. I ordered it and tried it many, many times and never liked the results.

I kept trying it because it did'nt even remotly look good. I returned the product but had to pay $113.00 for a product I thought cost $60.00. They also kept sending me refills. I still can't believe the reviews.

I never was able to find anyone I knew that liked this product. I still ask people if they ever tried it. Some have but no one I spoke with liked this product.

What a scam. I really want to speak face to face with someone that likes it.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I having trouble too. Scam as far as I am concerned .

Tv adv never mentions Club in the infomercial. When I complained about a 75$ withdrawal from my account & then two more 35$ withdrawals the adgent said that was bla——- and it was 3 payment s. Of 40$ when the associate I talked to said 2 payments. If the adv never said club I never would have done the saleDUH !!!!

I am afraid to try to send it back since others have posted it cost over100$ to return it.such a poor sales effort. A few have told me that’s how “they” get us in these messes


It doesn't cost $100 to send back use a small box it's under $20 and if it hasn't been over 30 days trust me it's worth returning it just make sure you videotape doing it save the receipt I downloaded an app that record my phone calls as well as emails anything to prove you were reaching out to them to return the product for a refund that's what they say you need to return it postmark by the 30th day you have 30 days to return the product now I see why they're giving me such a hard time someone used my name and ordered this product and they did not want to take it back but I sent it anyways and I will fight the charge till the day I die this company is absolutely ridiculous and if all fails and they don't stand by their word you can dispute it with your bank just make sure you cancel any card or payment method you might have given them so they can't steal any more of your money

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