I seriously believed these infomercials I was watching and believed Luminess makeup would make my face Flawless make my wrinkles less defined because that's what it showed on The infomercials. Well that was not the case instead it sunk into my wrinkles made me look older than what I am and I'm only 34 but it made me look like I was in my late forties I looked awful Luminess tried sending me out different makeup none of the makeup matched my face, even when I would try blending different shades nothing worked.

I could have dealt with the shades not matching my face more than I can deal with the fact that it goes into every wrinkle and does not cover any of my blemishes unless I layer the Luminess on which then only makes the makeup go deeper into my wrinkles especially around my eyes and make my pores look so large. I tried to return it and they kept suggesting different ideas so I would extend my trial.

Till eventually I called back and said it's just not working and they didn't care they said it was past my trial period And I was stuck with it! *** Wtf

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Luminess Air Pros: I was on hold for 30 mintues, Misleading commercials about what you pay.

Luminess Air Cons: Misleading commercial about the makeup coverage, False advertising, Complete lie luminess air is a complete lie.

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