I ordered the Luminess Air system based on an infomercial. I tried it twice and was not happy with the produce at all.

This system is awkward to use. They provide 2 shades of foundation based on the choice of skin color you opted for. Neither shade matched my skin tone. I had to keep mixing the 2 shades to find a color that worked.

It sprays everywhere. I had foundation in my hairline and eyebrows. They say it only takes about 4 drops of foundation to achieve full coverage that's complete BS. I started with 4 and ran our within seconds.

I then added 10 drops and still ran out, had to add more. This used way more foundation than I normally would use. The foundation is EXPENSIVE!! I did not like the coverage at all.

It settles in every line and pore. It left a "sticky" feeling on my skin as well. Thankfully I read the teeny tiny fine print on my packing slip. It states you will automatically be sent another bottle of foundation every month!!

If you really only need 4 drops per application as stated, you wouldn't need a new bottle every month!! I returned my unit immediately. Beware....they give you a small window of time to return your product before the charge you for another month!! Thankfully, again, I read the small print and knew this.

I got tracking and insurance on my return and knew they received my package on time, yet there was no communication from them that the package was received. Nowhere on my account info. page was there any mention of processing my return. I finally contacted customer service to find out the status of my account.

I was told that they did receive my return, however, they do not refund your initial payment at all!! If I remember correctly, it states you should receive a refund less a 25% restocking fee.

Technically I should receive some credit but it's a lost cause!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY OR THEIR PRODUCTS AT ALL!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $41.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Luminess Air Cons: Too many to list.

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