Its been 7 days since i ordered this product and have received nothing i even paid for the 3 to 5 days delivered its been 7 and nothing from this company but the run around i want my money back is this a scam to con people out of there money they need to be reported to the BBB and the police

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I would wait a little longer before getting too worried about it.... It is annoying to pay extra for quicker delivery and then the package doesn’t show up during those 3-5 days, but it isn’t super uncommon.

It might not even be this particular companies fault, I have had packages arrive super late because of shipping issues with the postal service or FedEx. I ordered a bedding set last summer that ended up being considered “lost” and it didn’t get to me until 2 weeks after it was scheduled to arrive. So basically, I wouldn’t worry too much yet. It’s really only 2 days late if you consider the 3-5 day window.

Good luck!

I know how anticipating it is to wait on a package! It’s like opening presents at Christmas!


I purchased it as well and nothing yet it’s been a week! I called and was told it would ship out in 3 to 5 business days.

I’m going to report them if it is not here by Monday. The B.B. B will hear from me.

Can someone tell me if this is just a scam? Anyone know or purchased?


If it was supposed to *ship* in 3-5 days, that seems normal. If they sent it out on the 5th day and it’s only been 7, I wouldn’t worry too much.

It’s pretty rare that a company can get your package to your door within 2 days.... it might be coming from the other side of the country so that takes time, and then you have to consider the time it takes to get to your local mail center to be sorted and sent out for delivery. I wouldn’t panic until day 12-14.... I have had plenty of things that arrived later than expected because of the postal service....

they make mistakes sometimes and that unfortunately adds on to the shipping time.

Good luck! I’m sure it will work out!


Sounds like Kerrie works for the company...just saying.

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