I cancelled my order 5 nins after ordering upon reading more into it but even though I contacted they still sent it & charged me! I then called for my RA to avoid the restock fee for refusing my cancelled package & was assured id be refunded if i sent it all back paying myself & i assumed after I did that months ago it was over.

Wrong. Today they stole more money from me and I realized never refunded the first transaction so I emailed several times with them as the last phone call language barrier was scary I knew then I was in trouble. I was told to provide the tracking number because just like EVERY OTHER COMPLAINT over 130 on complaintboard site, they didnt get it! Its been months so I no longer have it & spent 5 hours tearing my room apart for it..

The worst part is THEY REFUSE TO CANCEL ME & she said she can " hold back" on stealing the rest of the payment but only for a week!! Im LIVID & once I get the info from usps its going to be a fight! The bbb gives them an A+!??

WHY IS THIS REAL? Beyond deception its false advertising fraud & theft yet a great rating?

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Free Trial.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I am sure they told you to keep your receipt and you threw it away, not their fault that is your responsibility!!!


If you are the customer service rep you have completely revealed the mindset of this company. Shame on you!

The ONLY help the consumer has is each other. People post your reviews of a product. Thankfully I didn't get hooked in by the infomercial. I looked for reviews FIRST!!!

Thanks so much to those who posted. I appreciate the "heads up" on the company.

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