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When you cannot open the website that list over a thousand complaints about Luminess then you know that it is a scam and something is working behind the scenes to keep us from seeing the complaints. I thank God that I looked up this product before deciding to order it.

I really dodged a bullet on this one. And the only reason I looked it up is because the articles I read where companies are being prohibited from using text up fake after use results and I wondered if Luminess did that. I'm glad I got to read the review from this lady who had her bank account bombarded with charges because I've had that happen to me with a different product and there wasn't anything I could do because it turned out the home office was in Singapore. Be careful what you order from TV and the internet.

I hope the distressed lady is able to sue the pants off of Luminess and get a huge recovery for her stress, punitive damages.

Shame on you luminous, you fraud! You should be banned from having your commercials aired.

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Do not order. 1.

The machine is $150 that they don't tell you 2.

When cancel they still send you product and charge your account 3. Try to make you pay for return shipping on stuff you did not order

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