Mind you I have very little wrinkles at all, but when using this system it makes me look like a beginning Shar-Pei. It's NOT the best product around. It's water-based so if you perspire it runs. With enough coats (which leave you looking cakey) YES! it will cover blemishes. But what's the point at that point!? I have no use for makeup which runs with sweat. Or smears worse than unlined RED LIPSTICK! It is NOT WORTH THE PRICE OR HASSLE! I was overcharged. They say on the infomercial they will minus one payment ORDER TODAY (NOT TRUE!) and a SPECIAL $19.99 for your 1st 30 DAY TRIAL (ALSO NOT TRUE!) I was charged a few pennies away from $40! for the 1st order. LIARS!

After it was a few pennies from $50 per month. NOT what was advertised at all. It was supposed to be $39.95. They operate on the BAIT &;;;; SWITCH Method, get your card # and charge as they please and when they please. I've had to contact my bank to get them to stop taking.

Prior to this, I tried emailing letting them know there has been a mistake and the company is overcharging me. I get the script response. After 3 months of payments, I told my bank. No more payments since. But have been getting their collections dept emailing me. I didn't sign up for "Choose how much you want from my bank account" I signed up to try for $20, and keep for 4 payments of $40.

Just to let all know, even though it's water-based it still feels like you have a mask on..like you're having a home day at the spa kind of mask. So imagine wearing that all day. I don't think so. I even ordered more makeup from them while waiting for my unit to arrive. So I got sucker-punched to the bank book for real.

This is substandard makeup. NOT Efficient nor affordable the bottles are like small vials. It takes about 11 drops to get full coverage, not 3! It goes quick.

This is one of those ARE YOU KIDDING ME! moments.. when trying it. I tried it for near 3 full weeks of working. NOPE!

DON'T DO IT, LADIES! You can get these units online to try cheaper. Try Amazon or eBay.. NO NEVER ENDING PAYMENTS! NO CONTRACT.

There needs to be an option here for MINUS STARS. LUMINESS WOULD BE -10!WtfBullshit

Location: Santa Maria, California

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So glad I didn't order this!


Thanks for the info.

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