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I ordered a Luminous Air for $19.99...great price, right? WRONG! They charged me $59.99 security deposit and I haven't even gotten my Luminous Air yet. WTF? Total rip off. I wouldn't of ordered one if I knew the cost was $80.

Luminous Air should be ashamed of themselves. You want to PLEASE your customers, not *** THEM OFF! Tell your customers UP FRONT what they are paying. Don't try to deceive them.

Such a huge disappointment. I have a lot of customers I do makeup for and I could of made LA a lot of money. Now, I'm spreading the word to stay away from this scammer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

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Totally agree, that is the same impression I get from "Katie".


Get a real job.


Thanks for the negative,truthful comments! I'm watching the commercial now.

It doesn't show all the hidden prices.

My dermatologist is cheaper than this. Shame on you luminess air!!!!!


This exact same thing happened to me! Very dissaponted!

:( Will be returning products on arrival!

I don't even want to try them now. Feel majorly suckered!!!


Want to know how much of a scam this company is? Go post a negative comment on Facebook.It gets deleted the same day.

Then a positive post gets put up written by an employee or friend. This company is in the business of scamming people and then writing fake reviews. Shame on you Luminess and shame on you Katie - if that is your real name.

You know this isn't right! How do you sleep at night?


My name is Katie and I do work for Luminess Air. As I have stated here before, we are not in the business of scamming people.

If there is any confusion or frustration or misunderstanding, I am more than happy to do all that I can to help. We give all information to our customers upfront and don't leave anything out. I would be glad to speak to any one of you and do everything in my power to help you. Please feel free to reach out to me at 1-888-793-7474 ext.

1040. In regards to Facebook, every comment posted is from a customer both good and bad. As a business and just like any other business, we do not want to advertise negativity. We are here to help and contrary to what you may believe we have over 1 million happy satisfied users at this time.

Again, if you would like me to assist you further and try to come to a resolution, please reach out to me.

Kind Regards,



It didn't take me long to read that I would be charged 19.99 PLUS one of the installment payments. However I have not yet read that the installments will be taken weekly (as opposed to monthly, which IS the understood universal description of an "installment payment".


Contrary to what you may believe, our intent at Luminess Air is not to rip people off or be dishonest. All of the details of every order are disclosed upfront before any order is placed.

We advertise a 30 day trial for $29.95 or $19.95 on special. This is simply a 30 day trial period and if you decide to keep the system you will have payments. A fully refundable security deposit equal to one installment is charged at the time of shipping and if you decide to return, it is fully refundable. If you decide to keep it, then it will be applied towards your final payment.

I am very sorry if there was any confusion in regards to the charges. As always, I would be more than happy to speak to you personally to see what we can do to help make you a happy customers.

I can be reached at 1-888-793-7474 ext. 1040


This is their tactics. They DO NOT care and intentionally rip people off. You just got scammed just like all the others on this site.


Dear Luminess:

I have always been impressed with your advertisements and before/after photos and testimonials. I have recently received a sum of money which would allow me to purchase this luxurious makeup system.

Before placing an order I thought I would research for any complaints. Often, hidden problems to consumers surface with online complaints. WOW!!

I was shocked to read so many disturbing comments. ALL of these customers COULD NOT BE WRONG!!

I will say that your employee, "Katie" should receive a raise.

She has a real talent to take a customer complaint and turn it around to make the customer seem uneducated, inexperienced,, and really ignorant.

Because of the complaints and your responses to them, as well as your unethical business practices, I have made a decision NOT EVER to purchase your product and to TELL ANYONE AND EVERYONE how you cheat, scam, and steal from your customers.


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