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I loved the new Matte 4 foundation product I was sent. Which I was sent at no charge because I did not like the previous Silk foundation products! So why then was I told today that they do not exchange or refund an opened product?

Original review posted by user Feb 16, 2019

I originally ordered Luminess and was charged much more than I was supposed to be charged. I called my bank and Luminess and was finally able to get the charges refund.

I used and was not really happy with the product. I received several orders and due to medical issues I did not return them immediately. I called Luminess and spoke to a Customer Care Representative and explained I did not like the finish and she gave me a return authorization and sent me out the 4 Matte finish. I love the product.

I was told when they received the product back I would receive either a credit or they could exchange the product for the Matte 4. I waited to make sure they received the product back. I sent it Registered mail, I also made copies of the invoice with the return authorization info. I experienced some health issues and due to not going many places and I wasn’t using makeup I forgot about the returns.

When I remembered and called Luminess about the returns I was told because the makeup was from 2017 shipments I would not be receiving any refund. When I called in mid 2018 to get authorization I not only explained what the shipments were dates were the Customer Service Rep I spoke with pulled up my account using my phone number and saw the dates of shipments. I was given a RA # and Luminess therefore accepted the returns. I ordered more of the product in spite of being cheated out of the returns, telling the CSR that I would call their home office.

This was before I realized they do not have a Home Office number. I ordered multiple product in December 2018. I purchased over $100.00 of product including the LOVE, I used it once or twice and did not like it at all. I called today to reorder more of the Matte 4, Boost It, Final Seal and Moist Primer.

I asked if I could exchange the LOVE product as I used it once and did not LOVE it. I was asked if I had opened it and I said yes I had to open it to try it. I was told I could not receive an exchange. When I did order on December 2018, as I was perusing the web site reading about individual products and selecting products I noticed every time I went to my shopping cart to see the products and prices that the number on the Matte foundation kept changing to Matte 1.

Just prio to finalizing my order I purposely made sure the foundation color was Matte 4. I paid to have the product sent overnight delivery as this was for a Christmas Production at our church I was involved in and needed to make sure I received it in time for

The week of the Production. When I received the products I received Matte 1 not Matte 4. I was sent the Matte 4 via overnight shipping.

I love the products but I have repeatedly received inferior Customer Service, been lied to about what the price of the original purchase was going to be, had to fight to get my money back for that. I have been cheated out of 2 months of product purchases never having received a refund or replacement product. And I was going to continue to purchase products simply because it is a good product. Luminess believes they can cheat people and get away with it.

I will be contacting the Attorney General’s Office as well as the Postal Service. Luminess is perpetrating fraud and I will be contacting an Attorney about a class action law suit against them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Luminess Air Pros: Product.

Luminess Air Cons: Customer service, Being cheated out of money, Lack of integrity and respect for their customers, Bait and switch tactic, Unproffessionalism.

Location: Fort Pierce, Florida

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