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I wish I would have checked the reviews first, but the company seemed to be very reputable...I purchased the platinum system on 6-1-12, and was billed the initial charge of $69.95 + $20.00 for the travel bag. Six days later I received another charge of $69.99.

When I called customer service, I was directed to the terms and conditions which I read before I placed my order; it CLEARLY states that installments will not be charged until 30 days after the trial expires. Although the rep was wrong, all she did was attempt to over talk me to justify their dishonesty. Why not be upfront about what the charge will be, if I had used a debit card, and the funds were not available I would have had an insufficient funds charge and fees!! My mother had a worse experience because she did use a debit card, placed her order by phone, and was debited $219 but only placed an order for the trial!

Also keep in mind that when you place an order you are automatically enrolled to receive make up every 30 days for $29.99 + $2.95 SH until you call to cancel. Of course this cannot be done at the customer service number that is advertised, they are not "authorized." In order to cancel this you must call 877-749-5777. Beware, and make sure you keep extra money available in your account, or on your credit card if you choose to purchase this product.

I have not received it as of yet, and was told that it has not been shipped yet. I truly hope it is worth it, after reading the reviews I am very skeptical.

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Whew... I'm so glad I read these reviews before ordering luminess.

Thank all of you who took the time to report these comments off complaints. I almost ordered


I wish I had "Googled" them first, too.

The product is nice, but their customer service sucks. Also, they are thieves.

I've filed a complaint w/the FTC. Although, they don't resolve individual complaints, they monitor the complaints for a pattern. PLEASE FILE YOUR COMPLAINT w/the FTC. PUH-LEEZE do this.

A Class action lawsuit could possibly come out of this, IF enough people file. They must see a PATTERN of dishonesty.


Sooooo glad I checked the reviews for this. I have a luminess air tan system that I purchased off ebay and I liked it so when I saw the commercial for the make-up it piqued my interest. Glad I checked here first. If I purchase it, I will buy it off ebay.

I read horrible things about the Wen hair care commercial too before I ordered. Maybe all the infomercial type commercials are scams. Will always check here first!

Thanks for sharing your experience to warn others!


These people sound horrible. They are theives.

It looked great on the advertisement until I saw the reviews. Thanks for saving me from going broke!(:


No one needs this kind of grief. I am glad I checked the reviews before ordering.

False advertising comes to mind. Thanks for posting


Thank you for your post.... I was going to buy this product, but decided to read the reviews first. Thank you, I will not be buying


Thank you for sharing your experience. I was attempting to buy this product after seeing the TV commercial last night. But seeing the reviews from you and other people, plus my past experience with one TV order, I decided not to go through another stressful situation.


Thanks for the post. I was undecided. But now I won't purchase this item.


Thank you for taking the time to post reviews. I was tempted to try this product and could not make up my mind. Now I have and feel I've luckily avoided a lot of stress and aggro by not doing business with this company.


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