I placed an order on phone for the T.V ad in February 2019 for $27.99 for airbrush system/makeup. The ad did not say anything about joining a Club for $44/mos.

for 5 mos. nor for 5 or 6 installment payments for $44/mos. Plus bimonthly makeup for $40! I did not see the 30 day satisfaction guaranteed in tiny print so I was unaware of subsequent makeup to come, which I could not possible use so quickly.

When I received my credit card statement I saw several charges for all this way to quickly and so I called my credit card co. to report all this. Thankfully they issued me temporary credit plus no interest and I filed a dispute. I had to speak to a customer representative at Luminess Air for 55 min.

just to convince him I was not happy nor would I pay for all these charges that I was never made aware of! He finally agreed to cancel my subscription but said I would still owe the other charges. I did win the dispute because L.A lied and misrepresented my dispute by saying I had authorized everything on my "online order" which I never did because I had ordered by phone and never was told of any additional charges! I felt very manipulated and robbed.

I hope this review will make other women aware of what may happen to them! This is very bad business practice! They were deaf to my concerns.

Don't give in to their threats and be very persistent! Perhaps they will have to improve on making it crystal clear what one will be signing up for!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Store Location: Lodi, California

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I ordered the whole kit,from Fingerhut .


Lumpiness air over charges you on every thing. Double charges. Charged and no makeup