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With Company response

I bought the product , it was a gift for my mom,when my mom opened , she said that it will be difficult to use and she prefer use the regular make up , so we did not used.When I return the product , they didn't return all my money , because they said that the dvd has a scratch and also the machine,how can the dvd and the machine has a scratch if it never been use? and the money for try the product it is not gonna be return, so thing twist before you buy it.

Sorry for the spelling , I‘m learning english :-)

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Luminess Air Response

Thank you for your comment, as a customer service manager myself your feedback is appreciated. At Luminess Air as with any company there are both negative and positive reviews.

I can assure you that we aim for and pride ourselves on providing world class customer service. I apologize if you feel that we are not empathetic towards our customers but I would encourage you to try our product before making your judgment as you can't always believe what you read online and we have many very satisfied Luminess users. If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at Sharon@luminess.com or call me at 1-888-793-7474 ext.

1085. I know that you would be a very satisfied customer.


I decided to read a few reviews after seeing an advertisement on TV. I will not be making a purchase from this company.

Already being skeptical of infomercials, all the negatives reviews supports my decision not to buy this product. I will continue to use Mac and/or others. The responses from the company are poor and not empathetic and I say that as a customer service manager.

Versus defending the company and it's mistreatment of consumers try simply apologizing and move towards a real solution. Change the poor service habits and Assure consumers that they are top priority, but don't just say it, DO IT.


Thanks for the information. I have gone through issues with other companies and say I'll never try anything from infomercials again but I was intrigued by this product.

After reading a few reviews I am not going to put myself through the frustrations that I have read about.

Thank you so much for your comments. You have saved me.

Luminess Air Response

Here at Luminess Air customer satisfaction is very important to us. The trial cost for the system is considered a non refundable amount since what you purchased was a 30 day trial period.

When products are returned to us they are all inspected before being processed in as we do expect the systems to be returned in like new condition.

I apologize if there is any confusion in regards to the charges you are seeing and would be glad to look over the account with you and see what I can do to help. Please feel free to reach out to me at 1-800-545-3706

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