I called this company in Sept 2018 to CANCEL the make up. The REP told me that this make up is free and I’m not getting charged. I informed him YES I am and I want to CANCEL. He told me fine.

SO in January 2019 I get more in the mail and was charged 40.00 EACH so 80.00. I called customer service and explained what happened and the rep MAX stated “well that’s why that guy is no longer working here”. I explained to Max I want to send this make up back after MAX arguing with me I was charged ONLY 37.00 each. I informed MAX I’m looking at the charges of 40.00 each so please don’t argue with me. MAX stated I could send the make up back for a refund then hung up.

SO he never did give me a return address so I got online to Luminess Air found the address then it stated u have to have a RA number. Of course MAX failed to give me one so again this time online I contacted your JOKE of a customer service KEISHA she stated to I could NOT send the make up back after MAX told me I could. Then KEISHA statedin Sept 2018 I accepted a new offer. I informed KEISHA why would I accept a new offer when I called to CANCEL. I stated to send me proof...aren’t ALL calls RECORDED she stated oh not that far back and said well there’s no proof but I can’t do anything for u. Then she gives me a number for a manager but of course a manager wasn’t there where she was. Huuum.

Please reply ASAP to larryh-44@msn.com. Suppose to be underscore.


Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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