March 8, 2018 multiple attempts for all department email address listed on their webpage. Every time you click a "Contact Button", regardless of where that button is located on the webpages...it goes right back to a listing of all the same web addresses that didn't work in the first place. They do not want you to contact by email, so you can't print out the conversation. Reputable businesses send you a copy of the conversation...often without requesting it.

They list all the departments separately....but they all go back to the exact same phone number : 1-888-793-7474.

They are not up front with all the pricing information either. Buyer beware.... after I hit the purchase button, I was informed that I would be billed $60 every other month for a 60 day supply, plus $40 for make-up (then what is the $60 for?), and $39.84 for the system.

They say you have to return the product within one month of the time you purchased it.....but you don't even receive it til at least 2 weeks after you purchased it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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TIP: buy a PREPAID debit card (from Walmart or somewhere like that) put the amount of money on it that is needed to make the purchase then once the money runs out on it, they can not get anymore out of your actual bank acct. - I would recommend this technique when ordering anything online so that not just anybody has access to your bank account


i guess you MISSED THE BIG BOX with terms and agreement? states that before you press the BUTTON , LEARN TO READ!!!

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