I decided to try it. On the TV and on the website it said 1995 money back guarantee free shipping.

That was all. I double check to make sure because I knew it was a subscription service and I figured they would try to hide something else. I got it. Tried it.

Had a makeup artist who's familiar with the system try it and it made me look 10 years older! It was Kiki it was disgusting. So I called to send it back. Very high pressure to let them send me more makeup and to continue on the 30-day trial.

I said absolutely not I want to send it back. I had to repeat this at least three times. They said okay send it back here's your return number. I asked how much I would be refunded they said oh this 3799 you were charged is nonrefundable.

I told them wait a minute, it should be 1999 and that's it and it's a money back guarantee. He told me no, unless you do not ask for priority shipping they charge you for a priority shipping and a processing fee and according to them the 1995 trial is non-refundable. Supposably it's your 30-day test fee. Needless to say 43799 I got completely screwed.

On the TV and on the website it says that the makeup they send is a free gift for you to keep regardless of what happens. But on the phone he told me everything had to be sent back including the free gifts. They are complete Liars. They do not follow the laws of the individual states, my state says that a money back guarantee unless otherwise specified means a trial and shipping and handling charges.

Nowhere on their website does it say anything about not refunding this. Therefore the 3799 should be completely refunded.

But of course they're not going to give me my money back. Lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Deal.

Location: Salem, Oregon

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