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OK. I decided to order the Luminess trial.

Instead of being charged $39.95 for the trial, I was charged $59.99 AND $39.95! This is NOT going to be good. I called and tried to talk to someone, but their voice system gave me the run around. Why can't companies do the right thing?

They have a product women want so why use dishonesty? I tried to call my bank to have the charges removed, but the charges are still pending and have not officially posted yet. I made the mistake of using my bank debit card. I see I will likely need to get a new card.

Don't order from this company. The trial is NOT $39.95 (or $29.95 for the base model) as they claim!

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Now I have read all the complaints, and all of them was cost related. I used bare minerals but thinking about buying me this product.

My first interest is how the product works. Will I be happy with it? I don't care how people perceive the add, it is common sense good make up don't cost $29.00 it tell you if you don't like it after 30 days send it back. I pay for bare minerals a couple of hundred bucks when it all said and done with it.

I would be leary if it really cost only? 29.00 or $39.00


The extra fee was not for a trial but for a security deposit and it goes towards one of your installments. If you pay it in full, you get $50 off.

I am just hoping it does not take forever to ship! I definitely think the way this company works is not customer satisfaction at all.

Who ever heard of 2-6 weeks for delivery? Thank goodness i work for a company that has excellent return policies.


Lol at all of you *** people agreeing to this. I have news for you, ANY trial for ANY product will continue to bill you until you cancel.

Its called a trial for a reason. good luck getting your money back :zzz

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