Beware of what you are signing up for. CAREFULLY read the Terms and Conditions.

The way they bill, especially for the 30 day trial, is outrageously confusing. Then they automatically start charging monthly and ALSO start automatically sending more makeup for an additional charge.

You have to call and cancel from this “Beautiful Club Membership” if you don’t want the additional makeup. This is a rip off all the way around.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Luminess Air Cons: Trickery.

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I totally disagree was not confusing at all. I got a 30 day trial for $19.95, at the end of 30 days return, pay in fill or make payments.

If you don't want to join Beauty club don't, sure the beauty clubs saves you a few dollars, I didn't join it at first because I didn't know of I would like their products. I did eventually join Beauty Club unenrolling was easy. I sent an email to cancel got confirmation saved it.

No problem what so ever. This is a consumer problem not a company one, its just not that hard


Really? With your reply to this post are you perhaps a sales representative, or a telephone customer service handling refusals of return merchandise authorization numbers for this Luminess Company?

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