Houston, Texas

Ordered the airbrush system. Got it, in the package then, you figure out that if you don't take the time to call or write them to cancel the "CLUB" they will get the idea that they are entitled to send you monthly shipments of their make up (is not even worth it!) and WILL charge your CREDIT CARD EXTRA $34.53....

SOOOO, I took the time to call to cancel their CLUB. Asked for confirmation and she gave my my order # and said that was the confirmation. Now, It is not even a month that I cancel, they sent ANYWAY and envelope with more make up....I called today and complain about it. Next SURPRISE!

she said she could void the second shipment...I said what second shipment! She explain that once they send one, they also are "entitled" to send and charge for a second shipment!!! BUT, since she was so nice she was going to cancel the second shipment of their CLUB but she thought I will stand with having to accept the first EXTRA charge of $34.53...no way! After she saw that I was determined, she said I could return the envelope and that she will credit these other $34.53, but not today....

until they received the envelope. I am still waiting to see if they come up with the idea like " They did not received the envelope. Will call my credit card to cancel those. Then since I am mad at them for pulling games on me, I said I want to return the machine as well....Now she says...

I cannot do that because more than month has gone by.....HOW ABOUT THAT!!!! be smarto DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM LUMENESS AIR.....

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