After reading the many pages of "Account Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase" (something they hope u don't read) I realized it's a scam. They r going to charge u $20.

late fees on top of $2.95 processing fees? After pages of fine print, the second to last phrase states: "Actual airbrush system shipped may vary from product shown in photograph as slight cosmetic variations may exist from lot to lot of production. " ??!? The only thing worth buying in the whole mess, may not be what you see...

is not what your going to get? Your going to end up with a aquarium pump & a straw with a pink tip?....maybe!?? Even during the demo on TV there is disclaimers about how they are not really showing you the real deal. WHAT A LOW P.O.S.

THIS Co. IS!!!!!!! I use air brushes professionally. DIY.

You can buy an air brush at many kinds of stores, they start at 10 bucks, buy an aquarium pump (you only need low pressure for this) thin your medium with witch hazel. Play with all the money you now have saved not to mention hours on the phone in vein.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: CLOSE THE BUSINESS!.

Luminess Air Pros: Pretty tv ad.

Luminess Air Cons: Truth, Being scammed, Spurious charges, Missleading.

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