So my dad ordered this system for my sister and I. My sister doesn't really use makeup, but I'm a makeup/beauty blogger so I figured why not.

Well I tried it on (I have a birthmark that I was hoping for it to cover)...it was awful and all the shades didn't fit. Before opening it, I called CS and found out what their return policy is and got the info from a Daryl, he told me to just use the product, he'll extend the "money-back" guarantee date a few months so I can test it out and see how I like it. Then he went on to say if I don't like the shades, he would be more than happy to send more colors FOR FREE. I was skeptical from the beginning and just said no I will try what colors I have and go from there.

He explained the return policy being superrrrr simple, just call and they'll get you a return number and boom you'll get your money back! Well I tried it and it barely covered anything, the colors are awful and just not a great product overall. When I decided I wasn't going to keep this and my current 5 minute makeup routine was enough, I went ahead and called the CS number to start the return procedure. What seemed like forever later I was supposed to get my "money back".

Well this was back in October and still there isn't a dime back. When I called to see why I haven't gotten my refund they have the audacity to tell me that the airbrush system is defective that we sent back and that there are all these shady charges like $10 for makeup (that was supposed to be included) and $20 "family plan" that is non refundable....soooo you're telling me that your "money back guarantee" isn't really a guarantee. There are so many strings attached with this place, just STEER CLEAR!!!!!!!

In the end after arguing and letting them know I did not send back a defective system, they are FINALLY refunding me $34.91.....which is NOT the full amount I paid, but it's better than nothing. Don't waste your time, money, energy, or anything else on this shady company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Luminess Air Cons: Scam, Trickery, Poor customer service, Hidden charges, Not getting a full refund.

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