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I was just like you. Thought for so little i'll try it.

Well I get it in the mail and see the invoice and about gasped i wanted to send it back. So i visited the website said i wanted to cancel my subscription and send the item back. They said they would knock off a month payment and it would be mine in 3 months time. Ya right...

is anything about this company HONEST. Instead of charging me the 63.94 per month they charged me 82.94 so there is the 4th payment should have been paid off in december. I have another 82.94 in Jan. and another 63.94 in Feb.

WHY??? I couldn't tell you. I'm cancelling everything and blasdting to everyone I know DO NOT BUY THIS.

I think your number 1 rule is make your customer happy i work in retail myself i know this. We would NEVER take money out of an account that was not authorized.

If a mistake happened ( which is never) i feel we would call the customer apologize and refund immediately but this company you don't call they just take and take.

I will never be refunded their customer service is a joke after being on hold for 30 minutes they come on and say someone will call you back well that was like the end of dec. no return call as of yet.


Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Subscription.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $147.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Well, I didn’t order the try silk make up spray and so glad I didn’t. Glad my mom taught me to do research.

I did and this YIKES. !!!! Just as I thought, too good to be true is usually just that.

They keep taking money out of your credit card once they have your credit card number. Buyer Beware !!!!