Loxahatchee, Florida
With Company response


I called the customer service number and when I finally got to the point where it said “press 2 to speak to a representative, it said “I can’t understand”. I tried several times.

I am very disappointed in the Luminess Air business practices. I should have checked all of the negative comments prior to ordering. How long can I expect to be charged $72.94 for this product? I’ve returned make up that has been sent since and still am getting charged $45.06.

I’ve never had a business that has caused me to feel very manipulated.

I want these charges to stop now, if this means returning the luminess air equipment I will.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When you initially sign up, they enter you into their makeup "club" where they send you foundation once a month and charge you for it at a "discount." Personally, I wasn't aware of this until the first month passed and I was charged and sent makeup without reordering it. You can cancel this "membership." I don't wear makeup everyday so I didn't need a new tube of foundation every month.

I found the best way to buy foundation is to wait for it to go on sale then buy in bulk. Way WAY cheaper than the "membership."

I've never had a problem with the customer service. You mentioned that you are pressing 2 to speak with a representative but it doesn't seem to "understand" your selection. When you call, as soon as it stops ringing and the auto system picks up, press "mute" on your phone.

Then try making the selections on your keypad. Sometimes background noise will confuse automated systems and they won't "understand" you, so to eliminate ANY background noise, try muting the phone until a representative picks up. Once you have a representative, tell them you want to cancel your monthly membership to the makeup "club" and then discuss the pricing on the machine.

I've never had a bad experience with their customer service. They're usually helpful within reason.


Luminess Air Response

Hi There,

We would like to apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience there may be. Luminess Air does believe in full disclosure of all Terms and Conditions and explains that the offer is a 30 day in home trial.

If makeup has been received the 30 day trial is well over with.

I would be more than happy to further assist you with this matter, if you could please email me your order information at Ashley@luminessair.com.


Go to your bank or credit card company & tell them not to accept charges from this company & if that doesn't work, order a new credit card with a new # & they won't be able to deduct it any more. I've had to do this with other products myself.

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