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Keep taking money out of my account for make up i havent *** recieved. I made my monthly payments im paid off so quit taking money out of my account.

Im done with you people i dont want your make up i go through less make up buying it at the store. I havent recieved any make up from you and you took out 39.00 saying u sent me make up and then again yesterday you took out money again.

You will be giving me my money back. You people are a rip off and i will make sure to go public with you stealing money .

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

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Michelle B

Who in the *** is optimistic peacock? My name is Michelle and im not optimistic im *** pissed.

You screw people with your *** and take money from hardworking people. My kids need to eat and you people have some nerve.

Give me my money back now. I never recieved *** from you people and you have some *** nerve taking more *** money from me.

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