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Take $40-100k AND flush it down the toilet. Equivalent to buying a LIndal Homes.

Biggest losers and liars on the planet. Bottom line, kids who never work for anything in their life will always destroy what their parents worked for because they don't have to go through the sacrifices it takes to build company. Only 1% of kids who inherit business actually are taught to appreciate and value customers. My point?

Really want to give 10s of thousands $$ to kids who run a company who spent Daddy's money vs actaully taking the time to run the company correctly? Karma will come. Shame folks steal, lie and take people's hard earned $$ that folks work a lifetime for. If you are having issues, get a lawyer whose willing notify everyone here and others a "build" a class action lawsuit and put this company out of business.

If it's bad with them right now, stop, get the lawyer and don't proceed. Hope and faith will be lost. Fact. And loss of more money will happen.

Don't dig the grave deeper. Thank you to everyone for the reviews. You literally saved folks millions by warning everyone.

Get a better builder. Pictures lie.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Company going bankrupt would be best solution.

Location: Twinsburg, Ohio

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