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I have most of the limelight by Alcone products. I am not impressed and they just sell the items higher than at the actual other stores to give the beauty guides that small 20-25%.

YJ is one consultant who scams various people with lies to get them to join so beware. They are not really going to talk to you much or Be friends with you; unless you're constantly buying. Don't fall for the sisterhood trap. CK claims she's so all about helping people and so does another C lady,RA,etc yet that is not true.

They want to only talk to those who spend money nonstop so don't plan on making real friendships. CMH makes videos nonstop about how she was depressed and how great she feels she is which is wonderful but these women need to practice what they preach. They don't tell you how they really act if you join. I spent a lot of money and still never had a sisterhood.

No one would even speak to me yet you'd see they seen my questions or messages. I am very self suffient and always did the training and stayed active. I just want to warn you that these people really could care less. HB is a lady who is not healthy herself but posts photos of women she is jealous of because they are in shape and she bullies them.

What type of insecure leader does this? I was so ashamed that the corporate could care less stalking and bullying goes on. I have been disgusted because when I sent samples to customers some reps were letting me do it but then contacting my potential team members and signing them up yet I had sent them samples and followed up and spend hours speaking to my leads and generating my leads. YJ took the easy way out on a weight loss thing yet always claims to be such a hard worker.

Not true. She sits in social media all day but if you aren't spending thousands then she just is bitter and not friendly. I have met a nice lady in the business once but she wasn't a top earner. I have no idea why they don't care about people's feelings but it was rough.

Shipping always took awhile but I guess they got out of stock issues taken care of a bit. If you do contact support they don't care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow! I sure would like to know who you dealt with because I work for the company and I'm friends with just about every single person who buys products from me!

That is awful! I'm so sorry you had a horrible experience I will be honest a lot more people are joining the company and what kind of frightens me because we were so close knit and I really like that there weren't a a lot of people with the company at the time that I joined now the ladies who I am close with that are on the same team with me we're all friends some of us even went to school together and I really like that we are close like we are but what you're talking about that is just awful and I have never heard of anything like that you definitely need to report them to Limelight by alcone! I definitely would if I were you!

I love my company and I love our products but when somebody who is supposed to be representing us makes you feel the way that you just said that you felt about the company that is awful! I'm so sorry once again that you had such a horrible experience!


Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your experience with this amazing company! I am a current beauty guide and have had nothing but positive, excellent experiences!

It has given me a new lease on life! You evidently were connected with the wrong ladies.

I'm sorry about that. There are so many who are great; way more than are not.


I had the same experience with LM and others higher up. They are big bullies.

I thought the products were okay but not great. They are overpriced as you said.

It started out fun and to get my stuff cheaper but then quickly became a nightmare. The whole experience was negative for me.


The executive leaders get away with murder. Yet anyone who isn't an executive leader gets watched & scrutinized for every little thing.

Most leaders are doing thing that are non-compliant, yet corporate turns a blind eye to it. Which is why so many policy changes went into effect. Like you, I'm ignored as well. My leader only reaches out to me when she has something sarcastic to say to me.

Instead of saying something positive, she keeps me down, than stops talking to me. She's a real mind manipulator. All she & the executives care about is manipulating everyone into buying, buying, buying & selling while she sits & watches her commissions go up, up, up in her green room. Yet with all the b.s she talks, I've never seen her on the Top Sales report for her "own" sales.

Why?? Because she only does the minimal amount she needs to, but talks a good game! Anyone who thinks about joining "Should Not join with an Executive Leader"! You'll get more attention & help with the ones who are at the bottom of the totem pole, that don't play "favorites" & "headgames".

The "Strategic Placement" they have is also a *** show. Executives use it as a recruiting strategy to get people on board. It's also abused in the sense that those who have to ability to use it, use it only to help their "top line" promote & in turn helps themselves promote. It's also used to place ppl that are already sized up as being "not coachable", under people they don't like.

As far as products, I do use & love them, but LimeLight is no different than any other direct sales company. They have their problems.

to Anonymous #1467473

I am very happy you wrote you loved the products....the truth is you are your own boss... I agree with a lot of these complaints...

the company is new and the people are young.... I agree their is no leadership... I agree the words that comes out of top executive mouth is awful... I cringed and now totally ignore her post....

the skin care is natural and the makeup is professional grade... yes you can get it cheaper thru rcma .... this is your business not anyone else’s ... we all make a mistakes, do what you believe is right and what makes you better not being on the negative side of ugly....

make a team of your own how ever you want to it... I know one person using glam app to put make up on and she looks wonderful and she has a huge following.... it is her dance it is her clients, it is how she runs her business.... the products are great, wonderful....

a Blessing to many.... no one is perfect, we all have regrets, and we are all Blessed with forgiveness....to me I choose who I want to listen to and who to ignore...we all have that choice...

I personally love these products and I try to have work ethics like Mary Kay Ash... Be You, and this company will go far because of the products....

to Anonymous #1664475

I can be me with a better company that has better products. People don’t have to be stuck with Limelife.

It is by far NOT the best company out there. Choose wisely when committing your life to a freaking company.

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