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Yesterday our CEO told us about the details of our global expansion w/the help of the partnership of L'Occitane (they own 60% now). As it was building excitement about hearing where we were going & when, sounded great until they told us that there will 2 launches per country & that executives only (Lead Director & above), would be allowed to recruit for the 1st launches, & for the 2nd launch Star Beauty Guides, Founding Beauty Guides, or anyone who has $5000 in sales per month could recruit globally.

Basically, they screwed over us lower levels who have been working hard with our teams with the hopes of reaching the executive ranks when we went globally! I can tell you I know for a fact not many Beauty Guides with LimeLife (yes new name) sell over $5000! Not even the executives, as most of them sell the minimum ($600 barely) & just crack the whip at their teams to work harder! Most of us had potential recruits in other countries waiting to join LimeLight, & now unless we promote quickly (only within the US) do we have a shot at recruiting globally.

All of the hard work I did, is going to GIVEN to someone in the executive ranks! "Oh, here's some potentials that I can't recruit, guess there yours now!" Same with sales, you have to be a "good samaritan" & give the international sale to an executive without receiving any credit whatsoever! You also need to pass an international test too, in order to be a global recruiter, which I know a certain Platinum level probably had a say in that one! You also have to pay for your international website/greenroom, $19 on top of the $9.95 for the US website/greenroom + your annual fee of $75!

I knew LimeLife was different than other direct sales companies but is the goal to just make the executive teams richer than they already are & everyone else broke especially after the purchase of the kit ($169 + all the website/annual fees)? I think you know the answer to that one!

So if you're planning to join LimeLife, unless you're already in direct sales & leaving another company with a huge team to get you to the executive ranks fast, or you're a top sales &/or top recruiter, or someone who is a sales person who can sell over $5000 a month, or independently weathy with nothing better to do with your time or your money, DON'T BOTHER JOINING! Unless you don't care about recruiting globally & making "some REAL money" instead of the peanuts you'll ACTUALLY make!

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

I didn't like: Corporate policies, Beauty guides, Executive beauty guides.

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The requirements you listed are incorrect. The requirement was $5000 in lifetime sales, not monthly sales. Recruiting was opened in a stagger pattern, with those meeting the requirements able to recruit first, not exclusively.


It's not different than other MLMs, they just tell you that. And look at how much time and your own money you invest and see what your real hourly wage is. They are there to profit off of YOU, thecteam member


Hmmm. Same philosophy of why I left Arbonne after 24 years.

I did reach the top but the plan changed. It became pittance for average consultants. The retail oppty was sacrificed by the creation of the preferred client program. I have a consultant on my present team (Apriori Beauty) that sold 1000.

in Arbonne when she first joined them. Because she was encouraged by her upline to sign up all the new clients as preferred clients her commission on that 1k was 84. In my new company (of 8 years) she would have earned close to $300.

Ethically I couldn't continue to tell new people to join and earn with retail. In AB the consultant level plan is lucrative.


Your report of needing $5000 a month is inaccurate. Check your facts.

It's $5000 or more total sales! I'm not a Star BG, but I was able to recruit internationally because of my sales of $5000 or more.


Hi ! I am sorry you feel this way..

but yes its $5000 TOTAL prv. Also speaking as someone who reached Lead Director in 2 months from sign up with no experience in this field, anything is possible with the determination to take action and learn what actions to take. The only one to blame for not being able to sponser internationally is yourself. I do not mean to say that in harsh way...

just reality. I also appreciate that the company wants their reps to earn the right to grow a team internationally, as its not an easy thing to launch in a new country, and the new beauty guides there need to be lead by people who take action and have proven to be leaders.

The simple fact that you felt the need to bash your company and upline on the internet and did not know the policy was $5000 total PRV, tells me you were not ready to sponser someone in another country and maybe should do some trainings and research to help you be a better sponser, beauty guide and person, to see the potential in this business and yourself. Sorry for the bluntness, just my outtake on what you wrote.You are capable of amazing things, if you allow yourself to do so!

to Anonymous #1531303



Totally agree, all are phoney


I happen to be a Global Founding Beauty Guide, and I do not sell $5000 per month. The policy is that you have to have $5000 Personal sales volume over all.

Which can be done as fast or as slow as you make it. I also took the test, and there is nothing unreasonable about taking a test to become a Global Founding Beauty Guide. I do pay the additional $19.95 per month. That is not too much to ask for all of the support that you are given as a result of the marketing, and the website useage.

I think it is very reasonable. I am sorry you feel the way that you do, but please get your facts straight before you post all over the internet. No one is trying to take something away from you, they are trying to get you to step up and earn it. This is not unusual in the business world.

If you were to purchase a franchise, or try to open your own business, your expenses would be way more than the $169 initial investment, and as for the $9.95 I would gladly pay that any day of the week for the amazing information that we get at our fingertips and the ease of use for the Professional Personalized Website, and all of the free training that we get. I Believe you really need to calculate how much it would cost to do all that LimeLife gives you for a very nominal fee.

I am so glad that I said yes to this Amazing Opportunity, and I am not one of the Executives that you speak about. However, I will be, because this opportunity is for everyone, and we can all get to the top without tearing everyone else down.


You have to have a lifetime prv of $5000 not monthly. I sell around $500 a month and can go global if I want.

I’ve sold over $5000 total for the year I’ve been in the business. Just clarifying the one mistake in your post


I think you should get the information correct before you go airing you grievances on a public page. I am a beauty guide.

Not a mess, Star or any other rank. I’m not even close to an executive. Was I bummed I couldn’t recruit globally? At first.

Until I really listens to what they had to say. They want a SUCCESSFUL global launch which isn’t incredibly hard to get right and they only get one chance. The sales requirement is $5000 LIFETIME NOT monthly. How would you coach a woman in Australia if you have barely gotten your feet wet in America?

How many recruits did you *actually* have globally? Honestly? I can tell imagine it wasn’t many, maybe 1 or 2 people. And if that’s the case I’m almost not positive your upline that beneifitted from YOUR hard work would have strategically placed a newer beauty guide in your downline if you were showing up and be proving you were ready for a team.

Even if they didn’t do that for you the reasons behind the recruiting requirement make sense, regardless of how we “feel”. Emotions are intense and I get that. Especially when we feel disappointed. But you should try listening.

Look into what happened when younique went global. It wasn’t an absolute nightmare and disaster. No order. No accountability.

Just chaos across the board. That isn’t NOT the limelight way and they are 1000% transparent about that and always have been. If you are reading this deciding weather to join limelight I hope you understand people get emotional and 1 or 10 women who talk badly about the company because they didn’t see the success they weren’t hoping for, should never deter you from taking a chance. If you can’t afford $169 for the kit then make sure you save and don’t put yourself in financial struggle to do so.

This business takes time if you have nevee done something like direct sales so DO NOT expect to rely on the income From limelight completely. If you are a naysayer that is your right but please spare me the shaming hidden under the pretense of you trying to help. You are bashing many women who love their business for so many different reasons. We are not victims.

The people who don’t succeed will protray themselves that way because it’s safer than admitting it just didn’t work out. I am so happy with my place in this company and why would I expect as a beauty guide with no team or mentoring experience that a huge company would hand me the rights to coach a team overseas?

to Anonymous #1471886

Because it's favoring leaders and those at the top. Making it a pyramid.

The people at the top are going to be able to recruit all the new countries people.

It's not a fair starting point. EVERYONE should be on equal ground.

to Anonabcdefg #1519999

Please look up Pyramid Scheme, You have no Idea what you are talking about. You are on equal ground, you have the same opportunity to succeed as everyone else that is above you did.

The reason they are where they are, is because they did not quit, cry, or complain. They instead worked their business as you should be doing, instead of spreading falsehoods on the internet.

to Dorthy Sutton #1543789

Nice try but you are wrong. LL is a pyramid scheme.

Many mlms are NOT.

But LL is for sure. Good luck enjoy the lies they tell you


I'm very troubled by this policy. My company does NOT favor leaders like this.

We can sponsor globally from day one.

How unfair of limelight. And very gross.

to Anon #1518872

Limelight (Limelife now because they no longer want to be associated with all of the complaints, but people aren’t that stupid) are novices struggling to be recognized and respected while disrespecting those who have kept them in business thus far.


I hate that you feel that throwing blame on others (executives) and company policy is your way of feeling better about your lack of success with this direct sales line. This company is very transparent in everything it does and wants more than anything to see women and men succeed.

The training and support is incredible. Anyone's failure in this company can only be due to his or her own lack of effort and/or lack of being coachable. Everything within this company is clearly laid out right in front of you to find success. The products are amazing and if you did not work your business to do consultations or other methods that will help with sales, then please don't lash out and knock this company.

The executives are not there to babysit, but they do go out of their way to encourage and support everyone in the organization.Only someone ignorant to business structure could write such a review as you did.No, I am not an executive with the company. No, I did not get in on the first phase of international launch.

No, I am not brainwashed. Yes, I am in charge of my own destiny and success.

to Elaine #1446561

Correction... SELLS..not sales

to Elaine #1502407

Very well said!


** Correction, it is $5000 total volume. Not monthly volume. And many BGs are over that.

to Michelle #1466365

Yes Michelle! I was just going to say that! Not $5000 a month!!!!

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