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I did limelight for a little bit and has a bad experience. People on my team and not on my team were kind of rude.

Any way, I quit quickly but what I found out is they are price gouging their products. You can find the exact same foundation from RCMA website for $23 and more in the tin than you can get from them for $36. That’s a $13 dollar increase in price for less product. I’m not sure about other products they seem a little better, eye shadow seems over priced too.

You can get Lorac or morphe shadows for a way better deal and they are just as pigmented.

Also their shipping times suck. They strive to be a professional brand, than get professional and get people’s product to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Limelight By Alcone Foundation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I don’t care where morphe comes from?? I know that the product is just as good for a better price.

Go ahead and do whatever you want and talk rude to me, I was a customer, which means I have a right to express my opinion but your crap attitude makes me never want to buy your products again. I already researched it, Look it up yourself.

RCMA comes with a half ounce and limelight has 12g. Do the math.

to Anonymous #1403622

I apologize for being rude to you. I just take offense when someone puts down a prestigious company with women who are working their tails off to provide and make a better life for their families.

Sure, you can get any product that a direct sells company sells. That's not really the point. The point is supporting your friend, or whomever it was that you bought LL from. You can get stuff that Pamper Chef sells from Walmart, or Scensty stuff from Walmart.

Just like makeup and skin care. There are so many different brands to choose from. Like I said the point is supporting that person and their dreams.

I do sincerely apologize for my "hot head!" I hope you understand this concept and take that into consideration. xx

to Kdub32 #1409503

No it's not all about supporting your friend's dreams. It's about making your dollar stretch, and exclusivity if you like a certain product.

and I can't find Rodan&Fields or Young Living or Posh or others at WalMart. Why? Because they make their products in house. Scentsy is overpriced and nothing special.

Same with Limelight products. Not all companies are like that.


First off, Morphe eyeshadow palettes are made in China! Secondly how much is in the container from RCMA that you claim has "more" foundation, for a cheaper price.

I will research this and come back to your claim! I'm calling BS.

to Kdub32 #1600328

Morphe eyeshadows are amazing

to Samantha9187 #1640542

Amazing Chinese garbage. Have fun with that.

to Kdub32 #1640544

The only BS here is you.


The top leaders are always doing those "tough love" videos to make everyone feel like they aren't working hard enough, when most of them only sell the minimum amount. They always talk a good talk & want everyone else to "buy their promotions" while they sit back & watch the numbers go up in their backoffices.

This is supposed to be a business. I do agree you need to support your business, buy & use the products in order to sell them, but to have these coaching videos telling people to go buy more than one collection...who's really making out here!

to Anonymous #1402920

There are plenty of other MLM companies out there that don't do this. I've found Limelight's strategy to be an aggressive one.

I felt highly pressured.

I will sell and use at my OWN pace thank you. Also I found them to be deceptive in their 'all natural' claims.

to Denise Shaver #1416489
Hi Denise, LimeLight's skincare products are all natural and chemical free. But the foundation/make up is not.

If you were told differently, I'm sorry. I'm sure not all the beauty guides are great leaders. The ones I am connected with are excellent. There was one I did not care for and I just left her group and deleted her as a friend.

I have found that I definitely can not compare myself to others.

I need to find my own rhythm and way of growing my business. :)
to Denise Shaver #1441719

My top leader blocked one of my downlines from a training because she asked a question & she thought the question was suspicious. Who does this?

Talk about scarcity mindset, paranoia, & insecurities which are always preached to us to "not" have.

Instead of blocking her, she could have pm'd her & asked for clarification. So immature, & as a result, my girl quit.

to Denise Shaver #1639943

Yup!! Agreed!!

I did unfollowed the directors and the tribe, I’m only doing retail now, the trainings and tough love are awful and pushed me away.

I bet we had the same top leader. Not relatable at all!

to Beauty1774 #1640545

LM maybe? Terrible tribe.

to Anonymous #1639942


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