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I left Younique because a friend of mine solicited me about a new opportunity that many younique presenters were leaving for and it intrigued me. It was Limelight by Alcone.

Without even trying any of the products (BIG IGNORANT MISTAKE), I signed up. Since I have medium toned skin, I chose the medium skin kit. Right? And the kit comes with half shades and such so I thought, perfect.

I'm part asian, and mixed, so sometimes I'm lighter, and sometimes I get really tan. But not too tan. Anyways, anxiously wait for the "luxurious white box with a bow" as they describe it. I open it.......and...............discover that I only got ONE of the foundation shades out of 3.

The other 2 colors were for the "dark" complexion. Um. what? The lipgloss and lip pencil were also not from what they said, the color were for darker people, like red, which looks horrible on me.

Concealer, for black complexion. This must be a mistake, I thought? I can't even use this? And isn't that the point of getting a kit, is to be able to use it and sample it, and understand how it all works?

One product was out of stock so I never got it. The skin care is a joke. I have combo skin and everything left my skin greasy and oily. What?

I called care. Mentor told me they'd take care of me. No. They did not.

They said, sorry, we don't replace kit products. I told them UM these colors are for darker skinned people. The guy was short, snarky and then just stopped talking. So I hung up.

This is consultant care? I emailed them my immediate resignation and sold ALL OF THE STUFF on a popular re sell site and actually made back my kit money. Oh, and btw Limelight, your wax based foundation? Horrible.

Dry, cakey and made me look like an OLD PERSON. No thanks. I'll go back to my dewy foundation is all natural by Arbonne, thank you. ALSO, misleading info.

Director in group told ALL of us that ALL our products are Leaping Bunny certified.

As a crunchy granola girl myself, this is now true, as I researched. ONLY THE SKIN CARE IS LEAPING BUNNY CERTIFIED AND NOT THE COSMETICS..........and since we're on that topic, it is not 100% that trace ingredients aren't tested on animals nor vegan.::OOPS::

Product or Service Mentioned: Limelight By Alcone Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: My Review.

I didn't like: Consultant care person i spoke to, Ignored, Rejection.

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I ordered RCMA makeup and it has the same shades and costs less than LimeLife


I would have to agree. I signed up with LimeLifebyAlcone (LimeLight) in March and just about everything I need to order is out of stock.

Any potential customers are completely turned off, they don't care if this is because we have just merged with another company.

If they can't get what they want and have to wait weeks for it, they move on to another product/company.Everyone says this is such a wonderful company but I don't see it. I still love their make-up but half the time it is out of stock.

to Bonnie Robinson #1529757

You're right, I stopped using the foundation because Olive 2 is always out of stock.


You didn't have a monetary loss considering you resold all your products and made your money back. Just saying.


Yeah, I'm not buying any of what you said. Sounds like you're just trying to bash a company you know nothing about.Limelight by Alcone, soon-to-be LimeLife by Alcone, is one of the best companies to work for.

to Jill #1470972

Limelife lemmonlife—-same thing. Robots

to Jill #1537235

I am guess you sell limelight?


They try to confuse customers into thinking their makeup is green bunny certified by touting their skincare. It would stand to reason that their makeup would be too, right???

Nope! They prey on people.


We never claimed to have all natural makeup, only skincare. I love the products, I am a rep but I do not push the products.

I stay a rep because the line does perform as it says it will. If someone asks for advice on beauty I tell them what I do and give my site. This line has been in the professional makeup industry for 50+ years and is used by celebrities with proof of use.

If you ever need help with anything I will honestly guide you. I won't sales pitch or scam you.

to charlie_conviviality_18 #1399693

Who cares if some celebrities use it? You don't think they're getting paid to?

Why work for a company who makes ok skincare but toxic makeup??

Lots of companies reliever as promised but are a lot more ethical. Just a thought.

to Nance Harvey #1400271

Celebrities don't get paid to use LimeLight.


Limelight reps misrepresent and are all about the money. If you want truly NONtoxic makeup (Linelught's is highly toxic as is Younique's) then try Young Living's Savvy Minerals line.

You'll be shocked at the simplicity of the ingredients. Also Young Living sells LOTS of other wellness products. I had no idea as I thought they just sold essential oils. My neighbor has a FB page named after her cat; its Alice's Oily Wonderland.

Check it out. No pressure there either!

to Lauramaher #1399068

Really?!? LimeLight does not even have the kit with foundations anymore!

Trying to put LimeLight down by soliciting your new direct sells business is just not cool! Also LL had never claimed to have natural makeup! Tr skin care is all natural, leaping bunny certified and certainly the best I've ever used. It has gotten rid of my cystic acne and gives me back my youthful glow.

Many people will leave if they aren't having success immediately, and then want to put the business down.

It's because of you laziness and work ethic you didn't get very far with LL. You're not going to get far in any DS company without some blood sweat and tears shed!

to Lauramaher #1400272

No. Incorrect on LimeLight.

I've done my research. Not enough studies by far to say it actually harms you. RCMA foundation sells for a reason.

It has sold for years before LimeLight. That's why MUA's use it.


I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. The Starter kit has never come with 3 foundations that you are speaking of.

It used to come with 2, that has since been replaced with bamboo renew. Your "cakey" problem is due to you using too much product.

You need VERY LITTLE of foundation. I have also never spoken with a male in the customer care dept either, and I have been with LL for 15 months.

to Anonymous #1358143

I see tons of reviews of people who said they spoke to a snarky rude guy who all of a sudden just stops talking in customer care...so just because you have never spoken to him doesn't mean he isn't there.

And enough with the excuses of the person using the foundation wrong. Just admit that it's a sh!tty foundation and move on!!!

All these people saying the same thing can't be wrong. This company is just ONE LARGE EXCUSE!!!

to Anon #1375113

Yep, you nailed it. You can tell they are ONLY about making money.

Look at the beauty guides' FB posts. It's like a cult.

to Lauramaher #1377830

Lauramaher- This rep. was just trying to apologize for your bad experience and you were rude.

Makes me think that you are on here responding to every post because you are trying to promote your new endeavor. Young living products are good for certain people and are expensive.

Why trash another company instead of giving facts on that company you say their products are toxic so then what exactly is toxic. Opinions only matter when they state the facts.

to Lauramaher #1381968

Exactly Anon! Lauramaher is on every post claiming her sometimes neighbor sometimes cousin?

sells Young Living and should buy from her.

I also sell Young Living and what you are doing is not only disgraceful but against compliance.

You can tell your cousin, neighbor, or yourself, that she is being reported. Shameful.

to Lauramaher #1399072

Obviously you don't Joe anything about social media marketing

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