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I signed up to sell Limelight by Alcone. I was successful making sells and gaining customers.

Just 30 days into signing up the backorders started. My customers and myself had to wait months to get the products. I waited 3 months to get a black eyeliner pen. Customer service was rude and they never followed through with fixing any wrongs.

Then all the foundations were on backorder. Instead of fixing these issues they continued to launch new products and change packaging. Then the freeze for any new Guides because they where sinking fast. The founders kept posting videos on how out of control they knew all these issues with back orders and customer service were.

It was too late in my opinion. The products were good. A little pricy for my taste, but you can't sell something that isn't available to buy. My customers lost faith in the company.

I have 2 former customers to this day that never received items nor did they ever get a refund from the company. Then 3 months after I left my Enroller began bullying me for openly telling other people about my experience. No matter how good their products were the company is a complete disaster. The women that are actually making a decent income bully and lie to their teams to keep their numbers up.

Limelight has scammed so much money from reps and customers by not sending anything after making a purchase they should be investigated and shut down entirely! Limelight was the worst and most corrupt Direct Sales Company I have ever worked for.

Stay clear of this company at all costs. Hopefully they will be forced to stop doing direct sales.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Couldn’t sell nothing huh? I guess it’s your sunny personality.

I’m a customer and all that you are describing I’ve never seen and I know 5 ladies that sell’s limelife and they’re the nicest young ladies you’ll ever meet. I only buy off of one of them and guess what the other four are friends with her.


email me I use to work with Limelife, I found something amazing missy0953@aol.com and it’s not saturated yet, the company just started in the United States and booming!


They are different. These are growing pains par for the course with a rebrand and global expansion.

The rebrand, new packaging, and reformulation of some product was a requirement of global expansion. There was no alternative. I’ve not lost any clients, but that’s in large part because I communicate well with them, keep popular product on hand in the event of a back order situation, and help them find alternatives in the meantime.

Never had a problem with customer service or unfulfilled requests in the year and a half I’ve been with the company. My leaders are great!


I am finding it very discouraging that almost a year later there is still a backorder, or out of stock issue. I think if you are growing so fast you can’t keep stock, slow the growth to build a strong reliable foundation for the company and the BG’s.

Hard to sell what is not available and the available date keeps getting pushed back at the last minute.Guess it’s time to sit and watch what happens before promoting product that won’t/can’t be delivered. Sad I had high hopes for this company, thought they were different

@A sad BG

email me I use to work with Limelife, I found something amazing missy0953@aol.com and it’s not saturated yet, the company just started in the United States and booming!


With respect, the company was not even 2 years old at the time and went from a 2 person operation to an almost overnight blow up almost immediately. It takes a second to adjust.Regarding product quality, it is literally professional makeup.

That is not a lie. As a makeup artist, I was already using the foundation and about to purchase that same concealer for my kit when I discovered Limelight. It is exactly the same products. They are quality products and are not made of poor ingredients as one commenter replied below.

How can you say that a product that has served professionals for over 60 years is low quality. Pros have to rely on the products, they don't have time to mess with unreliable or inconsistent tools.I decided to sign up with Limelight in Oct 2017 and have not had a single back order yet. I do remember the CEOs doing several FB lives talking about talking to the companies they were working with about adjusting their output. After signing up to work with Limelight they were no longer only serving professional, but now consumers.

That 10xed the amount of orders they were getting in a little over a year.I understand the frustration, but we also have to be realistic. The physical world gives us limitations.


The only folks making money in multi level marketing are those who started on the 'bottom' of the pyramid! The prices for cheap manufactured products that contain harmful to humans and the environment ingredients is shameful!

Their marketing costs more than the products ingredients! What you put on your body should be as clean and safe as what you eat!




This is an unfortunate misconception. The products are literally pro products. And the ingredients are not low quality at all.

@Makeup Artist

Pro means nothing when you’re talking about the health of ingredients. Know how many pros have hormonal disruptions probably due in part to the crap they put on their faces?

Do toxic products work? He’ll yeah they do but at what monetary, health, and environmental costs?


You abviously have not researched the ingredients of the products. They created their skin care with the intent of making it safe.

A friend of the CEO had breast cancer and that was what inspired them to make sure they used natural and safe ingredients in the skin care.

They have reformulated all of their makeup to be paraben free and free of harmful ingredients. Make sure you have researched before you post.


All of their products are worldwide approved ingredients they've removed all toxins since they have went International so your comment is invalid as of now.


Why do you feel it Necessary to lie like that?


I bet you wish you would have stayed now!n


Bet she's glad she didn't.


So glad!


No! Still the best decision I ever made.

LL is still the shadiest company I've ever worked for.

My former sponsor still a bully. No regrets at all.


I hear you gal! You go! Best thing ever did was not get too far in and got the heck out.


email me I use to work with Limelife, I found something amazing missy0953@aol.com and it’s not saturated yet, the company just started in the United States and booming!


Another *** story

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