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Update by user Feb 16


Original review posted by user Jan 06, 2018

Made the mistake of just ordering the foundation without thorough research. When it arrived I tried it not looking at the ingredients.

I removed it and started looking more at the packaging and was curious about what was in it. There is a paraben which I'm extremely against. I have been told by my fertility doctor to not use anything containing parabens due to the possibility of estrogen interruptions. Extremely upset that I spent $60 on a foundation and eyeliner that I can't use.

Also the packaging is so cheaply made.

It's cardboard, no mirror, and has a magnet to closure. Seriously!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Limelight By Alcone Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Did they refuse to accept a return?


To be clear, the skincare line is the all natural, chemical free, leaping bunny ,etc..... The makeup is just pro makeup.

It is not ALL paraben free. Just most of it.There is a 30 day no question money back return policy. The foundation is only $36 dollars. You must have gotten the concealer, too.

It is wise to check the ingredients before you buy a product if you have an allergy of some kind. Since it is wax it sits on TOP of the skin and does not soak in, but I understand not wanting to use it.

This is not toxic, but it is also not for everyone. I wish you would have taken advantage of the return policy instead of being bitter and *** talking a good product just because it didn't work for you.I also don't understand why the eyeliner is unusable just because the foundation has a paraben in it.


Unfortunately, there are people who rely on the WORD of others, instead of doing their research. So the product was not a good fit for you.

You should have done your homework since you are AGAINST certain chemicals. Instead you relied on someones opinion, even though they represented the company. People are people......some will tell you ANYTHING to get you to buy. You got someone who was either uneducated on the product they were selling, or they fell into the same situation you did.....they took the WORD of someone else without doing their homework.

I'm going to try the products because I have looked into them and if I do find they don't work or me, I'm not going to blame anyone; I'm going to send it back because there IS a Money Back Guarantee. Everyone is made up differently.

Some will love it and some won't. That's the way it is.


More nontoxic makeup: Mineral Fusion, Beauty Counter, W3LL People, Lily Lolo, Vapour organic beauty, Honest Beauty, Just the Goods, RMS Beauty, Fat and the Moon, John Masters, Acure Organics.


Nontoxic makeup companies: Young Living, Pure, Posh Beauty, and http://www.thegoodtrade.com/features/18-natural-organic-makeup-brands-your-face-will-love-you-for


Why by other companies' makeups through Limelight when you can get them cheaper through said companies?? The point of an MLM is to be UNIQUE, and in that uniqueness don't most make their own products?? I've never heard of an MLM selling another company's wares.

to Cind-_WatersNebraska #1471331

Actually it’s pretty smart and much safer than buying cosmetics from a company that just decided one day to pump out bad formulas. The products are trusted by actual makeup artists and have been tested and used for a very long time.

That is why you will find the products to be superior quality. Some of these have only been available to professional makeup artists and are now available to everyone. The skincare is all their own. The makeup formulas are being changed to be paraben free right now Too and already some of the foundation shades are without parabens.

The eyeshadows are paraben free as well. Limelight’s skincare is harsh chemical free, leaping bunny certified (much better than simply “cruelty free” as there is an actual process and Set of guidelines to get the leaping bunny approval.) I am a makeup junky through and through and I would much rather be using products I know are formulated by actual beauty brands with knowledge of makeup quality and standards vs a company who wanted to create a direct sales model and saw a gap in the marketplace and went to a factory to have them start pumping out products for the Sake of filling that gap.That’s dangerous because the products become inconsistent and “hit or miss”.

Limelight was first and foremost a brick and mortar store in NYC for professional MUA only. There’s no “miss” with a company using formulations decades in the works of quality control and mastering their formulas.


Nothing, NOTHING is chemical free. Limelight by Alcone skincare is " harsh" chemical free.

Meaning there are no added chemicals.

Water is a chemical solution. There is nothing that is completely chemical free. I've been using the products over a year. My skin couldn't be better.

And the paraben you speak of in the Foundation actually comes from a natural chemical found in aloe. Researching ingredients and getting your information on exactly where each one comes from does a lot of good when picking out new skincare or makeup products. If you don't like the products don't buy them . They don't deceive anyone.

It states clearly on the website on each individual product what they contain.

Limelight by Alcone doesn't teach the reps to lie either. So if a rep told you otherwise that's on her or him not the company.

to Bumblebeefury33 #1435741

I am so happy you responded with facts. I joined Limelight honestly, just to purchase all of the skin care as a dear friend swore by them, especially one drop wonder.

Limelight doesn't lie about what is in the products.

I also can't get enough of Bamboo Renew and Forty Cure Creme! Healers!!!!

to Bumblebeefury33 #1705742

Savvy Minerals is chemical free


An easy solution would be for the company to make their makeup 'all natural' like their skincare, but they won't do that because most of their money is made on deceiving customers. They bank on the fact that most customers don't check. And why would anyone want to be a Beauty Guide for a company that touts safe skincare only to throw all of those toxins into the makeup line?

to Cind_WatersNebraska #1493462

Actually, the term ‘all natural’ means nothing. Poison ivy is all natural, but I don’t think you’d want it in your make up or skin care.

But, in fact, LimeLight does use all natural ingredients (just the good ones); no man-made ingredients, and most of them are organic. Some are not available as organics, but LL does search the world for the best ingredients they can find.Also, as the company is going international, all products will comply with other countries standards for what ingredients will be allowed in their products. Most other countries ban about three times as many ingredients as the FDA here in the US so LL products will be much safer than products which follow Us regulations for allowed (presumably safe) ingredients.There are NO toxins in LL make-up. The parabens mentioned come from an ingredient in aloe.

The parabens in the foundation are being removed however, at the request beauty guides, because of the customer reactions. This company listens and always tries to do what is best for their customers and their beauty guides.


The first line of your complaint sums it up neatly.

" Made the mistake ... I tried it not looking at the ingredients."

You've confessed to being concerned about ingredients based on advice from a medical professional.

Good idea ; I'm not supposed to use aloe which interferes with one of my meds.

This is not the seller's fault ; you must follow your own rules and check everything.


Hi, I am sorry that you feel you were lied to by your beauty consultant, and perhaps you were. That's not who we are.

I am a current representative with LimeLight by Alcone. You should never have been told that our makeup line is chemical free. It is not. Our skincare line, However, IS, all natural, chemical free, paraben free, dye free and cruelty free.

Awesome stuff for the skin and very reasonably priced.

As for the packaging, LimeLight is a GREEN company so they believe in protecting our environment which is why it is all packaged the way it is. Why use something "nicer" when it will just be thrown away once the product is gone?

Again, I'm sorry that your experience wasn't 100%.

If I can help you in any way, please contact me!

tammyjrans65@aol.com :)

to tamaransdell_89 #1418185

So green that they sell toxic makeup. So great for the environment.

to Cind_WatersNebraska #1421629

Limelight by Alcone does not make their makeup products. They only make skin care products.

All of the makeup that is sold by Limelight comes from other companies. Maybe you should do some research on the company and you would know that. So they can't just make the make up into anything they want because they get the makeup from other companies.

Rcma makes the foundation, Nars makes all of the blushes and pressed powders, are eyeshadows are the original Mac formula, skindinavia makes all of the setting and primer sprays . I'm sure if they made their own makeup products they would definitely try to be much better for the environment!I'm sure if they made their own makeup products they would definitely try to be much better for the environment!

to Bumblebeefury33 #1423083

Isn't the point of an MLM to sell their OWN products that people can't find anywhere else (as in stores since everything can be found nowadays on EBay and on Amazon)? What is the point of selling other companies' products when they can be found any and everywhere, and cheaper, including directly from the companies?

to Bumblebeefury33 #1646204

It’s not true that the blushes are made by Nars. Also not true that the eyeshadow is the old MAC formula.

to Cind_WatersNebraska #1471343

You cant buy nars, mac, or skindinavia for “cheaper”. All of theirs ARE cheaper than their parent brands.

As such, they are now in the financial spot where they can start formulating their own products. Again, they don’t just pump products out as cheaply as possible for the sake of sales. They went into direct sales with a true vision of giving people BETTER. They don’t want to cheapen the brand by bogging it down with products that suck.

In order to do that they need time to grow.

It’s honestly such a unique and awesome company and once you learn how other direct sales companies have built their brand in comparison with limelight the differences are staggering. Maybe one day you’ll be able to try one of their products and see the difference

to tamaransdell_89 #1418190

If they believe in protecting the environment why is the makeup so toxic? Lots of companies out there with nontoxic skincare AND nontoxic makeup.

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