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I'm concerned for women thinking they're using a natural bontanical foundation. It's full of toxic chemicals.

A couple of the worst offenders! Cancer causing BHT & Paraben.

Product or Service Mentioned: Limelight By Alcone Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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LimeLight does not promote their foundation and makeup to be chemical free!! The skincare line IS all natural, chemical free, dye free, paraben free and cruelty free.

But not the foundation and they do not say that!!

All their ingredients are listed on the website. No reason not to do your own research and see it for yourself!!


The 'beauty guides', and I use that term loosely, don't focus on the makeup ingredients; they focus on their other facial products hoping that you'll get confused and think that all they're products are 'safe' and bunny certified which they clearly are not.

to Carol Bradlein in KS #1483019



There is NO reason to use toxins at all; many companies have proven this. Why choose 'less toxic' when you can choose 'not toxic.?'


Botanical means relative to plant. Limelight makeup doesn't claim to be all natural.

They use less chemical and many paraben free products.

Their skincare line is chemical free. The Botanical Foundation is waxbased and stays on the surface of your skin it is also non-comedogenic.

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Water is a chemical.

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