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An employee from Lilydale Garden Center inserted themselves into my private, family business. I recommend going someplace else for your lawn and garden needs.

For many years a family member has sent me seasonal flower pots, Christmas trees, and other outdoor decorations as gifts.

This person used to purchase these items from Linders; however, they recently decided to switch to Lilydale Garden Center.

I noticed a difference in the quality right away. The Christmas trees and the tree stands were smaller, the trees would blow over, and the strands of lights were a mess - sometimes, a strand would even be out. I never complained. These were gifts, after all, and I appreciated the thought.

Unfortunately, the large flower pots I was gifted didn't last very long because I live in an area with a high deer population, and the deer eat all the flowers.

I have tried to move the pots closer to my front door. Alas, the deer continue to eat them.

I don't have the heart to tell my relative to stop sending them. So, I have sold them for cheap and made someone else's day, given them away, or put them on my boyfriend's grave.

The florist, Jennifer, saw my advertisement in search of a new home for my summer pots this year and was offended.

First, she called my mother to "tattle" on me. Second, when I spoke to her, she threatened to call the family member who gifted me the flower pots.

Third, she stated I was "a terrible person, and what I was doing was unethical."

I asked if she had ever received a gift that didn't suit her, and if so, I wondered if she told the person she didn't like said gift or if she accepted the gift with grace.

She replied, "This isn't about me, it's about you, and you are terrible and unethical. 1Items purchased are no longer the establishment's concern once something leaves the establishment. (Can you imagine if other retailers did this? "Hi, Norma.

This is Macy's calling to let you know your son is returning the socks you got him for his birthday.") 2 Lilydale Garden Center employees should stick to plants rather than insert themselves in the business of its customers' families and then insult someone they have never met.

3I much preferred Linder's. They have higher quality merchandise and didn't cause unnecessary drama for me and my family.

User's recommendation: Do not use business.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Lilydale Garden Center Cons: Customer service.

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