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The food seems to actually be rather impressive, however I would not recommend dating and definitely recommend not marrying a light life employee! They stink to high heaven when they get off of work!

It's a stink that light life employees must somehow become immune to because my ex never thought he stunk when he came home from work! He actually had the nerve to call me a liar regularly when I would politely mention that he might want to shower up while I finished making dinner because he had terrible odor because of where he worked! Seriously when soy based foods are prepared in small batches it's much hard to notice the smell but when your husband who's around it for 8-hours plus five days a week of i!!! That stench sticks around!!

No amount of soap body wash deodorant ECT will stop it!! It gets into their skin OMG, OMG I had to end a marriage over that stink lol!! Seriously, don't get involved with a light life employee or anyone who works in a soy plant!!! Save yourself ladies!!!

They make a decent living and offer great benefits, but seriously it's just not worth it when the thought of having to touch your own husband making you actually vomit...not want to vomit but actually cause uncontrollable vomiting because that stink can't be washed away!!

Anyone who tries to say I'm wrong must be immune to the terrible smell!! I lost roughly 20-30 pounds in a month in a half because I was throwing up that much!!

User's recommendation: Foods great/don't get involved with employees!!

Location: Danbury, Connecticut

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