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LifeStyle Staffing they didn't pay me my last check because they said they overpaid me.Worked 54 hrs. and then worked 32 hrs. and was terminated.Because of someone told me to throw something away in a dumpster.

Lifestyle's policy is if you quit or lose your job you are paid $7.25 for hourly wages on your check.That is for 80 hrs. worked.I worked a total of 86 hrs in 2 weeks.

They didn't ask me what happened or offered me another assignment.After 4 and half years at Rubbermaid which is another Complaint

Location: Reston, Virginia

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This was the Maryville, TN location. Newell Brands: I worked 19 hours the last week I was there, and it took not 1, not 2, not 3, but 3 1/2 months to get my last check.

And they dropped the pay from 18.25 to 8.25/hr. I called after 6 weeks, they said they mailed it…but I never got it. Had to make the 30 minute drive to sign to have a new check issued. They were supposed to call me when it came in, but they didn’t.

I called after 6 more weeks, they said they called…any and every time they called it showed up on my caller ID. Why would they not have left a message if they did call, always have before. Anyway, the $25 refund for my badge, they took back to pay for the reprint of the check!!!!

POS!!! Never Again!!!!


They won't pay me for the day I worked they keep saying check is is in the mail its been a month and a half now. They are crooked!


:? Hello I just worked for this company for a week.

Lifestyle staffing also has done this to me as well. I worked ten hour days for three days at a company for the and the claim I only worked for one day. This company stole from me. Every time I call the tell me the same thing that I was not there and they will have to investigate this for me.

I know I was there I was depending on my check and this is crazy insane that this company is able to do this to people. This staffing agency is horrible not only did the not pay me but they also treated the Temps poorly like second class citizens where I worked at for lifestyle.

The manager threatened the jobs of the temps everyday, got treated like trash. If any of you want to stand up to this company I am in.

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I need life styles (ein) number off w-2s so I can file taxes. Address they had on file when they sent w-2s wasn't mine.

They don't know how that happened. Now they want to charge $25 to resend. Tired of the run around and the attitude they keep giving.

Please help.

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Did you get the ein?


i am having the same problem with them. i worked for them and they let me go from the assignment.

that was in january of 2013 as of 3-17-2013 i have yet to receive my last paycheck. they made me fill out a form to pay them 25 dollars to get the check that was 3 weeks ago. i was told if i did not pay them 25 dollars i would not get paid.

i have called and emailed the company and get no response. steer clear of this company at all costs.


I quit one of their job assignment without giving two weeks notice. I should be getting pay at the minimum wages 7.25 hr it shows on the pay stub i should get 245 after tax but at the NET it changes to $0. That is so screw up, they specifically say i will get pay minimum and im not...wtf.