Orlando, Florida

Heritage Isle, supposedly one of the top "50" Fifty-five and Older Communities in the U.S. of A and for that matter, in all of Florida.

NOT! I thought this vital and beautiful Development was going to be my ticket to happiness... I couldn't have been more wrong....or misled.

Since, I've resided here, there have been many complaints against the builder...code violations for the stucco, to the point the Building Commissioner had to issue a letter of demand for compliance; and only then were extensive repairs completed by Lennar. Oh yeah!

Don't forget the windows that are not only splitting, but are installed incorrectly! Nice huh?

A $ 350,000 home that a high-school woodshop class could have built better! I think Lennar's Board of Directors needs to do a complete overhaul of it's Top Executives....

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I am so sorry that you have experienced this…


I have created a website to help spread the word regarding Lennar Homeowners experiences.

Please visit my website and send me your story:



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


Thought Lennar is a national builder but as they were constructing the house... No professionalism, their cost cutting techniques... not happy with Lennar...


We bougth our 1st House from Lennar last November. Since that we have reported many defects/problems including recently Mold presence.

For most of the previous complains from Lennar I have noted that Mr. James Perry asked for additonal details to look into the situation.

So I would like to know if somebody already have shared the details and received support from Mr. Perry.


Hello and please let me know if you can share any additional details such as your name and address and I would be happy to look into this situation for you. Please contact me at James.Perry@Lennar.com

Thank you