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We had found Laurel Heights by chance where sold right away by the side-load garage with a third garage. After going back and forth with the agent on a lot(since the one we wanted and told to hold was given to someone else)We come to find out that the Azalea model will not fit on the lot and cannot have a side load garage.

We where at the open house and where told ALL homes will be side load except for lot 15. They offered us a smaller model home instead that would fit a side load garage.

NO, this is not what we want.The killer was when the agent said she would have to call the other buyers and inform them. I guess know one knows how to measure at Lennar.Can you imagine how your house will look.LOL

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I understand what you are going through. I purchased a home from Lennar almost 6 years ago and we still have a boarded up front door. We are stuck with $100k in construction defects. To make my story even worse is the fact that I worked for Lennar. Contact me with your story and I will post it on my website that I am currently putting together. Be careful with "their help". We spent 5 years in litigation and all that happened was more expert costs, and lawyer costs, to the point that we received nothing for our construction defects.

I want to hear your stories. We all need to hear your stories in hope to make it right.

Contact me: (under construction)

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They do that quiet often and not just Laurel Heights.

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