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I am a first time in my life home buyer and purchased a brand new lennar home near high tension power lines (about 300ft) in 2020 for the market price. After living there for six months, a friend of mine told me about the negative effects, related to the power lines, on health (specially on children's) and resale values.

If I knew about these issues I'd never have bought the property. Is this something I can complain through a lawsuit? They made me sign something about the power lines at the last minute right before they gave me the keys. The form I signed talked about the humming noise but I don't remember anything about effects on resale values or health issues.

If there is nothing much I can do through the law system I wonder what my options are.. Am I stuck?

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I'm in the same boat. The home I purchased is also near power lines and is there for ineligible for FHA refinancing.

I'm now stuck with a house I cannot resell.


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