Herndon, Virginia
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I am one of many sub contactors that have been given the runaround with paying their bills. They were great when we extended credit and did their work as they requested. Lennar paid somewhat on time but then...

We have done everything to collect some money but to no avail. All the people all the way up the chain were buttheads!! Ironically, they were all laid off!

Don't do any work for them because they will NEVER pay their bills. There are so many like us. Small businesses that were left in shambles because we thought we had a relationship with them.

We found out later that they were cutting costs in the quality of their homes and basically cutting corners everywhere they could. I am not at all surprised to see all these complaints. I am more surprised that there aren't more!

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I understand what you are going through. I purchased a home from Lennar almost 6 years ago and we still have a boarded up front door. We are stuck with $100k in construction defects. To make my story even worse is the fact that I worked for Lennar. Contact me with your story and I will post it on my website that I am currently putting together. Be careful with "their help". We spent 5 years in litigation and all that happened was more expert costs, and lawyer costs, to the point that we received nothing for our construction defects.

I want to hear your stories. We all need to hear your stories in hope to make it right.

Contact me:


MyLennarLemon.com (under construction)

Mare Island, CA 94592

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


I've seen this happen a LOT. I've actually had the power turned off on homes an hour before they were to intro for lack of payment.

Never do work for ANY builder w/o a PO.

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