We purchased a Lennar home approx. two months ago, and after living in the home we noticed the single-handled faucets in the kitchens and showers in bathrooms did not have cold water.

The water temperature was warm and would never turn cold. In the showers, even when the water turns warm enough to bathe in, but if you flip the switch to shower, the water turns cold. We have contacted their so-called Lennar "Customer Cares" people to request repair. Their so-called experts have come and gone, tried various ways to solve the problems, but so far have been unsuccessful.

All they can do is go through all the technical mumbo-jumbo to explain why this is the case, but they said there is nothing they can do to change the temperature of the water. A bunch of *** because the other faucets that have separate hot and cold water handles function the way they're suppose to: cold water handle puts out cold water, and hot water handle produces hot water. This is simply not acceptable.

If any Lennar homeowner is experiencing similar problems, there has to be a solution, and the solution will not come from Lennar. Anyone have any idea/s what that solution might be?

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This is the norm here where I live in Florida. Water lines are underground.

When it's 90 degrees plus out everyday this is what you get. In the winter months we do have cold, cold water because the air temperatures have dropped.

You have nothing to worry about, this is just the norm in the southern state. Enjoy.......


If your home located in the dessert states it'll happen.


I had the same issue and they had to come and fix the issue in all of that bathrooms - tubs and showers. Other faucets worked fine.

Apparently it is a known problem but they only fix it if you complain.

we are in Virginia so they may need to contact the folks in VA to see what the issue is. It was an easy fix for the plumber.