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Every home our neighborhood have mold, made incorrect, cheap material and lots of other problems. There are lawsuits galore with these fraudulent company.

$450,000 home was really like $40,000. Never again will I purchase a Lennar home, neither will my family and friends. I should of done my homework before purchasing our home. What a mistake.

They profit a lot off the little people. It's sad. They don't care for you, they just love the money. It's nothing but lies and lies.

They will tell you anything so you can purchase there *** homes. I hope this is one hundred words.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You don't do your homework then you get what you pay for. A lot of these track builders put up a nice looking home but due to schedule corners can be cut and sub's are paid lower for volume work.

This means it could be the sub's not doing their job or the supers in the field verifying the work being over worked. I am sure there are some that try to do a good job.

My guess is a bad roofer or sider that caused the issue. I cannot image Every house had mold though.

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