The house I bought from them in Reno, NV would have been OK in California but the materials they used to build my subdivision cannot handle the Winter weather. It did not help that they applied the stucco in freezing weather and they used the wrong stucco.

Only acrylic stucco can stand up to Winter weather, they used a water base. The paint job they put on it (if you can call it that, more like a fog coat) missed the 1st most important step 'Primer' they said the paint they used did not require primer...b.s. Plus the paint is so thin that water gets into the stucco, freezes at night, and pops the stucco. Thank goodness I don't have the water pipe freeze problems my neighbors are experiencing, probably because I installed and run a recirc pump all Winter.

The cheap particle board heater box they installed on the force air furnace (should have been sheet metal) had been leaking from day one....didn't discover this till 4 years in and countless high heating bills later...stay far far away from Lennar. Forgot to mention our community organized a class action suit against Lennar...if you are having problems in your community get to know your neighbors and do the same.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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