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I have two issues here. First, I purchased a Lennar home in an Estero FL community September of 2012.

At the time the house was not built yet, not even the block. After going over the details and signing the contract, I was told by my Lennar realitor that they will break ground on the road in October and start on my lot in December for a May 2013 closing. She had said closing is 8 months after a contract signing. I asked what happens if the home is not ready for closing by that time and she responded by saying "We have up to a year as per the contract".

They did not break ground on the road until December and did not start on my lot until the end of March of this year. I went from a May 2013 closing to a July and now an August closing. That was one issue with me. The second issue is that at the contract signing, I signed a pool schematic with the measurements of what my pool and pool deck will be.

Six months later I get an email from Lennar saying there was a setback with the property and my pool deck will have to be shorten at one corner (One corner will be tapered in 3 square feet). After calling her, I got a "You can live with it or cancel the contract and get your money" back. To most probably not a big deal but to me, it's not what I paid for and an eye sore for me to look at everyday. Somebody on there end made a mistake, wether it was the surveyor or the builder and to them, I have to accept it.

No other lot on the block has this issue, only my lot. Now after seeing all the complaints with Lennar, I am concerned of future issues and debating wether to opt out and get my money back before I close.

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Clearly Lennar is spending allot of time marking all these negative reviews as "***". If they only spent this much time on their crappy homes they might not get so many bad reviews!!!

San Ramon, California, United States #655600

I am so sorry that you have experienced this...


I have created a website to help spread the word regarding Lennar Homes Defects and Homeowners experiences.

Please visit my website and please send me your story:



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The female salesperson selling for Lennar in Estero will promise you the world in order to get you to sign the contract then once you sign the contract its a completely different story. All the promises that she made now she is going back on her word. Wish I would have known this would be such a disaster building with them, never would have gone with them as a builder, nothing but issues, delays, not being informed, and beyond RUDE to customers

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