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My home was built in 1999.

This happened in 2014.

When I took down the exhaust fan to clean I noticed the vent hole that is emptying into the attic space. There is no duct connection that will chase out the moisture and smell to outside.

I noticed a vent opening on the wall outside.

But it will be extremely difficult to connect the duct from bathroom vent to this vent opening since this is ground floor bathroom.

What should I do?

I feel cheated and utterly disappointed to this national builder.

This omission probably is also building code violation.

  • bathroom exhaust fan
  • duct connection
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Its true attic venting is very common. Ventilation system must be proper so that it removes bad stale air from the house and purifies the air coming into your house. You should install a good ventilation system to get rid of mess.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #790876

How are you seeing a hole to the attic from a first floor bathroom? Attic venting is common.

to MikeBrady Los Angeles, California, United States #791191

The exhaust fan hole is not connected to duct.

Most exhaust fans are connected to ducts that are connect to the outside vents.

Without duct connection, moisture and odor can not escape the attic space. Moisture buildup in the attic starts fungus growth.

Most building code require this vent to duct to outside connection.

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