I just bought my home in February 2013. It has not been a year since I moved in and the house is already falling apart.

*When I just first moved in, there were issues with the electrical issues. Anytime I turned the lights in the master bedroom, there would be sparks, and the breakers would go off.

* A few weeks later, the Miami Dade Water Department came to my home to inform me about a high water consumption. There was an internal leak caused by a bad toilet installation.

* The pavers of the entrance of my house have sank at least three times already, and tonight my mom fell because a paver came off the step.

* A month ago, the Miami Dade Water Department came to visit me again to notify me about a leak on my underground plumbing. When I called Lennar's warranty department I was told that the repairs were association's responsibility because the leak was on a common area outside my house; when I called the association I was told the repairs were my responsibility because it was my property's plumbing. Although the plumbing is still under warranty, no one from Lennar wanted to take responsibility, it has taken nearly a month to get credits for the repairs and for the water bill. It takes nearly a week to get a call back from the warranty department, and nearly two months to resolve an issue, even if you call at least you call two times a day every single day.

I strongly believe our consumer rights are not only being abused, but also ignored. Not only the customer service is bad, but the quality of construction and code of construction compliance is very minimal- not to say very poor, that it may be a real threat to us and our families' safety.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

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Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States #835193

@ Dec 8 2013, After reading several reviews including yours. A large part of your frustration falls on the lazy unqualified city building dept.

it is their job to keep the builders"honest." Poor workmanship would have been detected by a proper home inspection prior to closing........

Lennar is a high volume "box" builder you need to be aware of this prior to entering in to a home purchase.

I can empathize with you from a city building official and licensed home inspector's point of view.

As for the lack of customer service, we to be completely candid this is America we are a product of our own ignorance.

Customer service went to the wayside with our grandparents generation. This is the self entitled money hungry society we live in.


I hired an inspector before closing and we gave Lennar a lengthy list of items not working including the electrical plugs in the kitchen and plumbing issues in the bathrooms. They assured us it would all be fixed before closing and if it wasn't just send in a warranty request.

Horrible product and incompetent construction manager.

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #763355

Did you get a independent home inspection throug the whole process and prior to closing? If not then it partially your fault

to aa Chicago, Illinois, United States #763378
Do not blame the homeowner for poor

Workmanship zz :p

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