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Lenar homes suck! Shoddy materials, unlevel floors, cheap carpeting that doesn't last a year, and electrical wiring that poses a fire hazard.

Their workmen leave beer cans in the air ducts or presents when they are too lazy to use a proper bathroom. They leave it to you to find any underlying problems they leave behind. Their response - if you can find them and get someone to talk - not our problem - what warranty? You could not pay me to live in one of their homes.

They are crooks, liars, and thieves. May they all rot in ***.

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I agree but we need to mobilize. Right now we are all individual victims and Lennar is building homes in 18 states.

They are not American and should be shut down. After you sign on the line you can forget any contact or communications they are gone and its our problem especially for the big problems. The building department just signs off on their work they don't even look at it.

I can go on and on my house is a storeage shed I can't even live in mine. Buying from them is the worst decision I have ever made.

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